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@melmo wrote:

Just to answer a few questions…

Also, I intend to contact you guys who mentioned your experience with composites. I do have a bunch of questions for you. Especially about S-glass and vacuum infusion.

My pro-active $0.02.

Vacuum infusion (RTM, VARTM, etc…) – don’t bother, it’s cool to watch and sounds fancy, but produces inferior products to other methods. You will get far better results if you pony up and use a nice pre-impregnated (prepreg) quad glass. More $$ but much better resin distrubution and lower void content. As you build the board do a 10-20 minute “vacuum debulk” after you add the first 2 layers of glass to the base with edges (and rubber damper, lower carbon stingers, etc…, don’t know how fancy you are getting), then place your core and what not, another 2 layers of glass, topsheet etc…and another debulk for 10-20 min, If you can press it while it is still under vacuum more power to ya. At the very least use a traditional wet lay-up with the vacuum debulks. Vacuum infusion is just not worth the effort. I have wasted too much of my time playing with that train-wreck, and volume production with vacuum infusion would be a nightmare. If you really want to get fancy “pretensioned, precured s-glass”, nuff said, and never under-estimate the power of a good high burst modulus wood core like sugar maple or hua birch. Using a foam core to save weight is silly, wood is light and durable and transfers shear so much better = better camber retention & snap and a board that rides like new for multiple seasons.

***HINT*** If you have acces to a good library with many journals, you need to read the December 2004 “Composites Technology” issue, page 44. Pay special attention to an advertisement in the lower left corner of page 6 as well.

Keep us posted.