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@huffer wrote:

I am assuming somewhere amidst all those skiers there is a splitter… the photographer perhaps…

Huffer-I am the splitter and the photographer. I was splitting on this trip. First of all, in Wyoming there are not a ton of people, let alone splitters. All my bro’s ski, so I end up with skier photos. When I am feeling energetic, I hand one of them the camera to take photos of me, but I am not really all about that. I just like shooting photos, enjoying the scenery, and ripping aesthetic lines. Sorry if I offended you with “skier” photos, but I didn’t want to mess around on this line. Not a place you want to get caught. In the end, it is all about sliding downhill anyway. We all enjoy the backcountry as much as the next guy or gal.

BCRIDER-My camera is an Olympus Stylus 4.0 mpixel all weather cam. It is small, but packs a little punch. I have a couple photographer friends trying to talk me into a big gun of a camera. After seeing that quality, I feel like my camera is limp. Can hardly wait to get my hands on a real camera. 😀