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For what you’re talking about, a swallowtail makes a lot of sense… (~172-178cm)

Either that or a tapered board like the Khyber (165cm-170cm probably). All backcountry powder, all the time. The Khyber would be more versatile, the swallowtail is a faster ride in deep powder. Your call.

If the transition from a resort board is your concern, the Khyber (and boards like it) probably makes the most sense. YMMV. I`ve only ever tried a Fish, but I`m told that the tapered designs all ride longer than their length, cause of the built in float from the taper and consequent nose lift. The Fish is turny and a bit odd but obviously a bit more versatile than a swallowtail 🙂

The Voile design is a good powder ride (flexy and a tiny bit tapered) but the two more specialized board shapes offer a little more benefit for mostly powder riding, so if they are within your budget you might want to consider them. Otherwise get used to whipping a bigger board around and making bigger turns, heh. My friend Art is 5`4`and 125lbs. and used to ride a 185 in Colorado so I figure if he can boss a big stick around, so can you.