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I also have Ride Teams (the orange ones, so about 4 years old) on my split board but I’ve had a completely opposite experience with them compared to the other poster.

It seemed like everything broke within 2 seasons. Buckles, straps, little plastic bits – not the highbacks though. I’ve known plenty of people who had the same problems with that season’s Ride bindings. At first this was quite disconcerting but there was a silver lining to the cloud. I’ve replaced just about everything with good old-fashioned stainless steel nuts, bolts, and washers and over time I eventually ended up with straps and buckles that haven’t broken. Now if anything does go wrong I can easily fix it with normal hardware store stock so I don’t need to carry a bunch of weird proprietary fasteners etc.

I don’t use these bindings at the resorts anymore because the highbacks are so stiff that after a day of riding lifts my achilles tendon on my front ankle gets a big painful goose-egg on it that doesn’t go away for 2 or 3 days.

I’ve been using a set of 03-04 Ride F-16s (I think that’s the model anyway) for resorts and I love them. Nothing has broken, the buckles are easier to use, and the highback is a little softer (not carbon fiber) so they’re much more comfy.

I don’t know of any ways to rig a quick release for soft boots unless you’re using clickers.