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Whiny I can see, maybe even a little selfish but not really childish, although I can see on the surface why one might think so.

For me (and I would be surprised if most people here didn’t agree) it’s a package deal. It’s not just about the run, there is just something more special about having the experience without people. It’s almost like you “cheated”… I agree that for now most people you run across are cool and things are rarely tracked to the point of annoyance but I still don’t agree with trying to facilitate more people into the mix, it will happen no matter what. I see nothing wrong with prolonging it as long as possible.

Thanks for taking the time to respond. I wasn’t really trolling but I was playing a tiny bit of the devil’s advocate. I admittedly found myself on the fringes of hypocrisy once or twice… 😉 yet I do feel strongly about the whole lack of promotion. Best idea I heard yet was to convert all those tele and rando clowns… 😆

BTW- nice dig on the whole “pole/poll” error… 😆