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Welcome Scibbs! 8)

You didn’t tell us what type of riding you like to do (pow, steeps, tight couloirs, all) and in what type of conditions (pow, corn, ice, all), but based on your locale, I’d recommend the 171 MTN Gun.

The Freeride Series is designing for softer, lighter snow (not really the PNW pow). Are you worried the 171 might be too short? Remember that the board is tapered so it will ride longer than it is in powder yet it will still have the ability to make quick turns. When its not deep powder you’ll also have the benefit of a shorter board.

As for the width, I have an US 8.5-9 and I’m fine on anything under 25.6 or 25.7. What size are your feet?

My .02 is the shorter, stiffer, tapered Mtn Gun 171 will be a more versatile board but I’m sure you can go wrong with either.

I was also curious if you are getting it here?

Good luck and happy splitting! 🙂