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Well, if you are trying to do this on your split, just moving your bindings back is not an easy option… You’ll definitely need to spend more time on your technique to overcome the short nose taking a dive…

Weight back, centered over back foot. Think 60-75% body weight over back foot. Don’t confuse weight back over leaning back though. It’s possible to weight your back leg, pulling up your front foot, without completely leaning back. This will help keep your balance.

Another tip, much like the basic term “speed” is finess. When going down a steep hill in pow, you don’t need to complete your turns. Less is more. Think smaller, subtle turns with less exagerated edging. If the snow is deep enough, you can control your speed by leaning back and doing a tail stand.

Anyway, just be glad you have the problem of powder, rather than the current Tahoe condtions 😉

Greg - NoKnees