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I just picked up a pair of Dynafits. Tourlite All Terrain model from about 3 seasons ago. Used them for the first time yesterday and liked them much more than the old Raichle hard snowboard boots I’d been using. I buckled them on the loosest setting so I could drive easier and not have to change boots when getting to the snow. They worked great all day long and were comfortable. I’m riding angles of about 35/18. The only time they didn’t feel so good was when I got back into the resort at the end of the day and was on a nice groomer. I felt like I didn’t have much support going toeside. Got to the bottom and went to loosen the boots for the drive home and realized that I had never tightened the buckles. The top 2 buckles were totally undone. I’ll make sure to do those up next time and I think toeside on the hardpack will be much better. Glad I bought the boots. Used 2-4 times for $189 at Kirkhams in SLC.