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If you’re commited to lower stance angles and the soft-boot style, i wouldn’t bother switching to AT boots. Soft snowboard boots or mountaineering boots like the La Sportiva Nuptse work fine with strap bindings… unless you plan on climbing at extremely high altitudes… in which cas, you just need to suck it up and get AT boots.

This is an interesting point. After riding carving boards for years, I literally could not bring myself to ride on anything more ‘relaxed’ than 40 front / 20 back. It felt like I was losing all my leverage and having to throw the board around with my feet, which is just so very wrong…

Also, the Nuptses were purpose-built for 8000m climbs and as you know there are few boots in existence that are much warmer (Oly Mons, Everest, Scarpa 9000s) which all cost a multiple of what the Nuptses do. I’d want the control of AT boots for sure, and the lateral stiffness on traverses, but it’s not like the boots aren’t going to be warm enough.

Boots are not necesarily the concern that I was pointing to for altitude… should have been more clear:
1. AT boots can definitely be warm enough for any altitude… with the right liners and overboots, you’ll be fine… The Nuptses are nice in that you rarely/never need an overboot.

2. The real problem with using mountaineering boots and strp bindings at altitude is the binding. I wouldn’t pur a whole lot of faith in the plastics used in strap bindings, after repeated exposure to the harsh temperature ranges and intense solar radiation that you experience at altitude.

Also, I can’t imagine myself trying to sit down or bend over and fiddle with straps at 8000 meters… no way. Simplicity is what it’s all about up there. Step in, reach down, flip a bail… simple, fast and mindless. Too many things can go wrong with straps. Remember, up there you’re doing good to be able to remember your name or figure out what 2 + 3 equals, in under 5 minutes.

Another cool advantage of plate bindings is that you can step into them without taking off your overboots…. This beats any system hands-down… even AT bindings. I’ve watched altitude addled skiers try to take off their overboots fast enough to get into their bindings and start descending before they get frostbite… if it wasn’t so scary, it would have been funny.