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Too bad you don’t live in the Tahoe area, cause I’m looking for a training partner…

Anyway, i use At boots, and here are my thoughts:

It depends on how you plan to use them. In my mind, there are two different techniques that you see: 1. AT boots used as replacements for soft boots; 2. AT boots used as replacements for snowboard hard boots.

If you’re trying to bascally mimick the soft-boot style (stance, technique, etc…), then it seems like you would want the softest AT boot you can find. I would also guess that you could wear them a little loose, to offer more room to initiate turns in your ankles. You will also probably want a soft binding like the Voile Mtn. Plate… I never had much fun trying it this way.

If you can commit to steeper angles and learn how to initiate turs from your hips, like a hard-boot rider, then you will want to keep the boots as snug as possible. You will also find yourself wanting a more stiff, responsive binding like the Bomber, Splitboard Binding.

Since you’re going to be trying AT boots, I would highly reccomend trying out a “carver” stance on a solid board, or on your splitboard… It is unquestionably different from the soft-boot style, but it is the most effective use of a hard, plastic AT boot.

If you’re commited to lower stance angles and the soft-boot style, i wouldn’t bother switching to AT boots. Soft snowboard boots or mountaineering boots like the La Sportiva Nuptse work fine with strap bindings… unless you plan on climbing at extremely high altitudes… in which cas, you just need to suck it up and get AT boots.