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Seeing as i work for Couloir, and I’m trying to be a professional writer… The “trip report” should be in your hands around Thanksgiving. It just went off to the printer, last Wednesday… I think it will prove to be worth the wait, but I”ll be curious to hear what everyone thinks.

As for next year……… are you sitting down??………

Shishapangma, South Face 😈

I’m working with some pretty serious dudes to raise the money, as we speak. So far, we have a well-respected photographer, a cinematographer, and 1 name that you will certainly recognize. I’ll let all of the cats out of the bag, when we have our website up, etc… It’s still a little far away to be able to say 100% who will make it on the trip.

P.S. – if you’ve got about $60K to spare…. look no farthter 😆