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@skinjob wrote:

let’s talk about the crampon thing..

have you got that dialed yet?

That part is pretty easy. B & D manufactures a custom 130mm crampon for about $69 (same price as the Voile, more or less) that fits the Dynafit toe exactly. When I bought my toepieces, the woman at Life-Link suggested that I get the Comfort toepieces, and as it happened, they shipped me a pair of the 2006-2007 toepieces with the steel reinforcement in the crampon grabber. So, that was the easy part. Recycling the inserts for the center (front) Dynafit screw hole has been the hard part.

how did you find a crampon compatible with the Dynafit toe that fits the width of your split?

I contacted Bill directly and he invoiced me via PayPal.
B&D Telemark Crampon (130mm custom width)

can you post a pic?

Not mine — I haven’t got my toepieces mounted yet, due to the aforementioned irritation with screw lengths. I’m going to stop by a ski shop later today and take care of that — I can always file down the sides of the #3 machine head screws to fit, but getting the thread pitch right is a screaming nightmare. I finally decided that the former (use snowboard mounting screws and file the sides down) is much easier than the latter (find 1/4″ screws with 24 TPI and a machine head in various lengths).

i was thinking about getting some crampons fabricated that would fit the Dynafit toe, and the width of the board, but that seems like a hassle.

Not if you have it fabricated by someone who does this all the time 🙂