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@skinjob wrote:

i screwed the Dynafit toes into 6mm insert-set holes with 6 mm flat head screws. I had to drill out the Dynafit toe plate a little, but that was easy.

Did you use the Comfort plates? How long of a screw did you end up needing? I tried some M6x24 screws I had lying around but they were too short… need to buy a variety of lengths from a board shop I guess.

also replaced the Voile heel lifters with some G3 double-wire heel lifters with extra tall wires.

Heh, metoo. I keep trying to get this shit done before each trip I go on, and it’s getting very close. Worst case it will be way dialed for next season… I got a pair of BD crampons and the toe pieces that Dynafit sent me have the reinforced crampon grabber, so that is a good thing, but they extend further back than the TLT toe pieces on my skis, which means I have to either machine out part of the crampon or chop off part of the plastic riser plate. Probably will opt for door #2. If it’s not one thing…

took a lot of trial and error to get all this figured out, and now the season is drawing to a close. bummer.

Road trip to Shasta, Tioga Pass, or BC, or book a flight to Argentina… problem solved 😉