Split Ski Skills

Split skiing.. Many of us dread it. The reality is, it’s an important tool that comes in handy. Justin, Greg and Creston decided to take their split skis to the groomers to hone their skills and have some fun with it.

“I have to say, it was the most fun i’ve had at a ski resort in about 7 years, haha!”-Justin Ibarra


10 Responses

  1. Will

    Are your heels locked? Which binders have features that let you lock your heels?

    • Cbalke

      Hey Will, both Spark R&D and Karakoram have the ability to lock down your heel. I believe Phantom either has or has been working on a lock down as well.

  2. Dasteeps

    Need to have a heel lock system on splits that’s for sure. Free pivot split skiing sucks period. Been saying this for years!

  3. cometogether

    sounds like you guys need more practice with the split ski setup!! locking down the heels is lame, dip a knee and stop doing the pizza………french fries baby french fries!

    • Cbalke

      Haha..I partially drop knees and french fry. no heel locks were used in the making of that video though.