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An incredible trip my brother Ian and I took to the high plateaus of southern Utah.  They had an amazing snowpack down south, one of the best in years.

The red rock and fresh snow made for the most unique snowboarding experience in my life! Click “Play” and check out some photos below while the video loads up!…
720p for best quality^ “The 2009-2010 winter was not an average winter for Utah. The mountains in the north were plagued with sporadic snowfalls and dangerous avalanche conditions, while the southern regions were reaping the benefits of a strong el nino pattern. Neil and I had wanted to explore the ski terrain in southern utah for many years, but we knew we had to wait for the right snow year. Early last winter, we made a few recon missions and found the kind of terrain we were looking for. Truly beautiful and inspiring ski terrain that none of us had ever seen before. Finally in late March, myself, Neil, and Josh Finbow made one more attempt at skiing and filming some lines before the strong desert sun melted them out for good. A combination of good timing and preparation, along with a little luck, led to some of the wildest riding we had ever encountered. The whole time we felt so lucky to be skiing this exotic, weird terrain under such good conditions. It really seemed like a once in a lifetime opportunity so we treated it as such. Utah’s color country might provide the perfect postcard image for millions of tourists, but when it’s covered in snow, its the skiers and boarders who can become inspired by the incredible landscape and find new ways to enjoy it.” Words by Ian Provo Here are some photos Ian and I took on our trip…Snowboard photos taken by Ian and Skiing photos taken by Myself and Josh Finbow.

The big line, in all her glory! One of the best runs of my life… the next day, BOOOM- broken legs…
Neil Provo

Snowboarder based out of the Wasatch mountains in Utah