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Our friend and forum member Kyle Cummings, AKA, Shrdnar made a couple big moves this last season. Although some questioned his move to leave California and the Sierra, for Utah and the Wasatch, this single decision proved to supply an endless supply of cold smoke for him and envy for folks back in California.  Take a look at a smidgeon of his season featuring the Wasatch, Valdez/Thompson Pass and Turnagain Pass.

Despite accidentally deleting footage from the deepest day in the Wasatch this year, and only bringing the GoPro out a handful of times, here’s a glimpse into the epicness that was the 2013/2014 shred season.  I’ve got a laundry list of lines for this season! Is it winter yet?

– shrdnar
– shrdnar


Colin Balke is a content editor for who lives in Northern California. When not plucking away on a keyboard, he can be found splitboarding, camping, backpacking, or hanging out with family and friends.