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Voile Splitboards Splitboard Skins. VoilE splitboard climbing skins have long been a staple in the splitboard market and Voile’s skin material boasts the best grip-to-glide ratio in the industry. The highest quality, releasable, adhesive will last for years and a durable riveted tip attachment will hold up to a lifetime of switchbacks. And Voile has made skinning even easier by adding an adjustable aluminum tail attachment and an industrial grade VoilE Strap, so you can keep climbing even when things get a little sloppy. VoilE Splitboard Skins with Tail Clips are built to fit the right and left board half. Includes a trim tool and a nylon storage bag. You won’t find a more bomber climbing skin anywhere else. Size: Medium. Available Color(s): Orange. Board Size (cm): 150cm-165cm. Weight(lbs/g)/Pair: 1 lb 11oz/754g. Part Number: 1103-M. Material: Nylon with a Stainless Steel Tip Loop. Benefit/Uses: Hydrophobic nylon and tenacious glue/Covers running surface of board

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