Rome Whiteroom Splitboard 162


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Award-winning split board design adds the swallowtail option this year for surfing bigger, deeper lines. Rocker up front makes them float with ease. Positive camber in the back lets you slash massive roosters and stomp big landings. If you like to surf snow with power, with no crowds around, this is the board.Key Features of the Rome Whiteroom Splitboard 158: Pressurepop Tech: KEVLAR V: The most durable, lightweight, and snappy material that takes your energy and redirects it into response from your board. From under the bindings to your edges at the contact points, this tech increases ollie power and pop from edge to edge. Powerbars: CARBON V: Preformed bands of lightweight, responsive carbon add power to ollies, nollies and edge response. Kevlar Impact Plates AirPop Core Matrix StraightTriax30 Laminate SinterSpeed Base Directional shape Powerful Flex and feel Powder-S camber

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