Ortovox 240 Light PFA Probe


This Ortovox avalanche probe measures 240 cm and is super lightweight aluminum, maximizing efficiency and boasting super-fast extension with a quick-pull handle.

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Make sure you have all the essentials before you head out in the backcountry. Don’t forget your Ortovox probe!. The probe for all weight-oriented winter sport athletes. Weighing only 270 g it is the lightest pfa aluminum probe in the Ortovox probe range. With the pfa quick-release tension system and the rugged Dyneema draw line, it is ready for use in seconds and just as quickly collapsed again to be put back together. Slippage of the segments can be ruled out!. At 240 cm the burial depth can be read on the individual segments. The grip sleeve made of EVA foam is very pleasant for practice. It fits ergonomically in the hand and protects the palms from the cold. Like all Ortovox probes, the 240 Light pfa is delivered with a practical quick-release cover. Get an Ortovox avalanche probe and feel more confident during an emergency situation. Features: Dyneema draw line. PFA-assembly system. Depth markers. Grip sleeve made of EVA-foam. Quick-release cover. Stretched length: 240 cm. Closed length: 40 cm. Weight: 270 g. Diameter: 11 mm. Depth marker: Here you can read the burial depth and accordingly schedule your shoveling strategy. AL 7075 T6: Light and stiff and thus the aluminum of our choice for all aluminum probes. They use different tube diameters of 11-13 mm – here it means: the thinner the lighter, but less stiff. PFA tensioning system: PFA stands for “patented flash assembly”, for reliable tension within seconds and just as quick release and folding. Tensioning: Simply hold the last element and remove the cap. The elements are secured and the probe is ready for use. Release: Press the quick release up with the thumb and the probe is ready to be folded together. Quick-release cover: All Ortovox probes are delivered with the high quality cover system that do without any drawstrings at all. Just compress the opening and pull out probe. Dyneema draw line: A lightweight and reliable pull line system. Anti-slip grip made of EVA foam: The probe fits pleasantly in the hand due to EVA foam while the hands are protected, because the material conducts cold

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