Ortovox 240 HD PFA Probe


The top selling avalanche probe from Ortovox, this 240 cm snow probe has a quick release and a foam sleeve that keeps hands warm.

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The Ortovox 240 HD pfa probe is Ortovox’s all-around best avalanche probe. The 240 HD pfa is an excellent compromise between weight and stiffness. The PFA quick-release tension system allows an extension in seconds and an equally swift collapsing and folding. The grip sleeve made of EVA foam is comfortable to hold and protects the palms from cold!. The steel cable pull line is indestructible, which pays off in the frequent practice sessions. This great Ortovox probe weighs only 330 g and makes for the best combination of probe features. Features: Steel cable pull line. PFA-assembly system. Depth markers. Grip sleeve made of EVA-foam. Quick-release cover. Stretched length: 240 cm. Closed length: 40 cm. Weight: 330 g. Diameter: 13 mm. Steel cable pull line: Ortovox’s most reliable pull line system. For a little extra weight, you get maximum safety. Quick-release cover: All Ortovox probes are delivered with the high quality cover system that do without any drawstrings at all. Just compress the opening and pull out the probe. PFA tensioning system: PFA stands for “patented flash assembly” – reliable tension within seconds and just as quick release and folding. Tensioning: Simply hold the last element and remove the cap. The elements are secured and the probe is ready for use. Release: Press the quick release up with the thumb and the probe is ready to be folded together. AL 7075 T6: Light and stiff and thus the aluminum of choice for all aluminum probes. They use different tube diameters of 11-13 mm – here it means: the thinner the lighter, but less stiff. Depth marker: Here you can read the burial depth and accordingly schedule your shoveling strategy. Anti-slip grip made of EVA foam: The probe fits pleasantly in the hand due to EVA foam while the hands are protected, because the material conducts cold

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