Pieps has once again pushed the leading edge of avalanche beacon technology with the Pieps Vector, a revolutionary leap forward

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The Pieps Vector Avalanche Transceiver is a leap forward in avalanche beacon technology. The Pieps Vector is the world’s first maintenance free four antenna beacon with GPS capabilities. Three antennas use dual sampling for an unparalleled search strip width, and a fourth self checking antenna. The rechargeable lithium ion battery is economical and eco-friendly. GPS support aids in search and alerting mountain rescue. GPS tracking for your trip, downloadable to your home computer. 80 meter circular range gives you incredible searching ability. The avalanche beacon automatically switches from transmit to search by folding out the antenna. Can also be used with regular alkaline batteries if needed. Automatic switching of antennas rules out vertical orientation in burials. Automatic signal shift helps out in close-proximity multipul burial scenarios. Read more at the Tahoe Mountain Sports Blog. When it’s you or your buddies life on the line, it’s worth having the best avalanche beacon – the Pieps Vector. Weight: 200 g. Dimensions: 4.5×2.9×1 in. GPS: Ultra low power with -160dB SuperSense. Frequency: 457 kHz. Power: Lithium Ion rechargeable battery, alkaline battery adapter. Data transmission/charging: USB 2.0. Digital Range: 80 meters, circular


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