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Enhance your safety on the mountain with this Freeride Transceiver from Pieps Avalanche Safety, which offers a single antenna in a package the size of a mobile phone. Pieps Freeride Transceiver is the first avalanche beacon the size of a mobile phone. It is so small, light, and easy to use that you will never go out of bounds without it. Single antenna transceiver. Elliptical receiving range up to 40m and 30m search-strip width. Dynamic field line guiding make this transceiver simple to use in a search. iProbe support allows faster recovery in a multiple avalanche burial situation. The iProbe temporarily deactivates the Freeride unit, allowing the searcher to focus on the next strongest signal. Fallback function in case of a second avalanche. Send-mode shows battery percentage so you always know how much juice you have left. Search-mode shows dynamic flux line arrow and distance with multiple burial indicator. In a case of multiple burial, all signals are processed simultaneously, but only the strongest signal is shown on the display. This avalanche beacon is small and light without sacrificing speed and accuracy – perfect for any backcountry snow enthusiast. Operates on a single AA battery with a 200 hr battery life. Works in temperatures as low as -4 degrees Fahrenheit. Weight: 110 g (including battery). Battery Life: 200+ hours in send-mode. Search Strip Width: 40 m. Frequency: 457 kHz (EN 300718). Antennas: 1. Earphone Socket: Stereo, 3.5 mm, 32 ohms. Power Supply: 1 Alkaline AA battery, LR6, 1.5V. Maximum Range: 40 m. Dimensions: 110 x 58 x 24 mm


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