The Version 2.1 Firmware Upgrade for Ortovox beacons increases reception and audio plus impoves search functions. Update your Ortovox 3+ transceiver software!

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Ortovox Firmware Upgrade. Update for S1, S1+ and 3+ transceivers. Added for version 2.1. Improved intuitive search sound and clear acoustic feedback when flagging. Improved coarse search: Earlier direction indication. Earlier fine search: Sound at 3.0m, tendency display at 2.5m. Self-Test / Partner-Check: Warning is displayed as “EE”. Indication of transmitting antenna in first 20 seconds (Smart Antenna). Version 1.1 (still valid). Simultaneous and faster initial display of direction, distance and sound. Greater backward compatibility with analog devices. Acoustic warning 10 seconds before the automatic switchover to transmitting. Acoustic warning if the device is switched on but has remained stationary for 30 minutes (switch-off reminder). Upgrade your Ortovox beacon firmware so you stay up-to-date with the latest snow safety technologies. Send your beacons to us, or bring them into the shop, and we will turn the update around within 24 hours


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