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Prior Spearhead Splitboard


The Spearhead Split provides arguably the most versatile Freeride performance in the Prior powder board lineup. Big alpine bowls to trees, the Spearhead Split handles it all! The Spearhead’s elongated nose and surf inspired nose rocker profile provide unparalleled float and non catch, edge to edge turn ability. Its moderate sidecut, taper and cambered tail gives enhanced performance and drive, especially when powering off the back foot. The Spearhead is named after the powder filled Spearhead range which sits just behind Blackcomb Mountain here in Whistler and much of the Spearhead R&D was done in its chutes.

XTC Carbon Construction is available as an upgrade to all Prior splitboards and saves an average of 500 grams (1lb 1oz) off a Prior splitboard pressed with our standard quadraxial fiberglass.

Profile: Nose Rocker Provides floatation and predictability in powder of all kinds. It also allows the board to initiate sooner. Traditional camber in the tail provides additional power driving off the back foot.

Rider Type: Self propelled back­country powder hounds who want to maximize their overall powder experience without compromising all mountain performance.

Best For: Powder, wide open bowls, glades, trees, hardpack, crud, variable snowpack. Great all-rounder.

Since 1990, Prior has been relentlessly Refining the Ride. Handcrafting high-performance snowboards for more than two decades has given Prior the knowledge and skills to consistently produce boards and skis that stand up to the test of time, and the rigorous performance needs of the most dedicated local riders and elite athletes.

Shape, length, sidecut, flex, weight, camber, and material composition are all carefully considered and tested in Prior’s custom factory at the bottom of Whistler Mountain (North America’s biggest winter resort). Prior’s un-rivalled access to R&D leads to continuous enhancements thru its full lineup handcrafted boards and skis. Throughout its history Prior has been driven by the singular goal of making the best boards and skis possible.


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Colin Balke is a content editor for who lives in Northern California. When not plucking away on a keyboard, he can be found splitboarding, camping, backpacking, or hanging out with family and friends.