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The number of splitters using (or considering) hardboot and plate-bindings has been on the rise over the last few seasons largely in part to improved binding options from Phantom Splitboard Bindings. If you’re not familiar with Phantom Splitboard Bindings, they’re a hardboot-specific plate-binding that was born out of necessity by one of our forum members, John Keffler. See the forum thread that started it all here.

Fast-forward a couple years and John has developed and refined what are now considered to be the best splitboard-specific plate-binding available. Splitboard Magazine recently did an article on Phantom here.

These much sought after, and often hard-to-come-by Phantom bindings are now available for pre-order! Due to limited production quantities your best bet is to jump on the pre-order list ASAP.  Phantom will be shipping their bindings upon completion based on the order in which they were purchased.

Here’s the skinny from John at Phantom.

Alright. Here we go! The 2014.15 Phantom Preorder is now open!

Unfortunately, I can still only build bindings on a limited basis and the number of bindings being built this year is set.  As such, the only way I can guarantee you get bindings is to preorder and prepay now.  I don’t mean this as a marketing ploy, its just the truth.

As a way of rewarding those that get their order in now, I will build and send out bindings in the order I receive your order.  Parts should be ready for anodizing (coloring) in a few weeks and therefore the window to customize your binding colors will depend on when you submit your order.  Production is steadily moving forward and bindings should start shipping out the first week of November.

Phantom Pre-Order Form

– Phantom Splitboard Bindings

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