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While not everyone needs to carry a rope kit, Petzl realized that those who should have carried one, often left it behind due to weight. Petzl’s designers went to work on developing an ultra lightweight and easily deployable kit. This process led to the creation of Petzl’s RAD (Rescue and Decent) kit. The kit features 30m of Rad Line 6mm cord, (3) Crabiners, (1) Tibloc ascender, (1) Micro Traxion pulley ascender, (1) 120 cm Sling and a bag which can be mounted to your pack or harness. The systems and it’s pieces were created so riders could perform rappels, crevasse rescues, and rope up while traveling on glaciers. The system will be taken even further with that upcoming release of the new Petzl Altitude Harness which will be available this spring.



Complete, ultra-light and very compact kit:
– 30 m of RAD LINE 6 mm cordage, developed specifically for crevasse rescue, rappelling and roping up on a glacier during ski mountaineering
– 3 ATTACHE carabiners
– 1 TIBLOC ascender
– 1 MICRO TRAXION pulley-ascender
– 1 FIN’ANNEAU 120 cm sling
– equipment is contained in a storage bag
Kit designed for action:
– ideal bottom-of-the-pack solution for back-country skiers
– cord is folded for immediate use without risk of knots or twists
– two loops on the bag for attaching it to a harness or inside the backpack
– sewn webbing loops on the top of the bag for attachment of all components of the kit
– ice screw holder on the outside of the bag
Ultra-light cord:
– only 660 g for 30 m
– sheath has rough texture for better control when rappelling and better braking when arresting a fall in a crevasse
– stretch of the hyper-static cord is less than 2 %, to facilitate rescue maneuvers and eliminate the yo-yo effect during rappels or fall arrest in a crevasse

Material(s): polyester, aluminum, Dyneema®, stainless steel, nylon (bag), aramid
Certification(s): CE EN 564 (RAD LINE 6 mm cordage)
Weight: 1.045 g


Colin Balke is a content editor for who lives in Northern California. When not plucking away on a keyboard, he can be found splitboarding, camping, backpacking, or hanging out with family and friends.