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The mission of is to increase splitboard awareness, unite splitboard users and to educate and inspire our readers.

Awareness – The more riders aware of splitboarding and the advantages they provide in the backcountry the stronger we will become. Tell a friend!

Unity – Before, splitboarders didn’t have an online community of their own, now we do. We’ve made new friends and our voice within the industry is stronger and more effective. Splitters Unite!

Education – Splitboarding in the backcountry can be a dangerous activity. The more informed and educated you are the safer you should be. There is much to learn from choosing the right gear and “skinning” to safe route-finding and avalanche safety. The information shared here could literally save your life. Knowledge is power!

Product Development – Splitboarding has been around for over 20 years but the gear we use has only seen limited evolution. By pooling together new ideas and rider feedback on the forum the product evolution has greatly improved. Introduction of the world’s first splitboard specific binding in 2006 by Spark R&D was living proof. Now several years later we have more and more innovative companies making splitboard products and our choices have never been greater. Listen up manufacturers!

Stoke – As more and more riders discover splitboarding the boundaries of what can be done (both up and down the mountain) continues to be pushed. Sharing photos and videos with other riders has always been a popular pastime on the site and the digital documentation provides both stoke and inspiration. It can also be used for reference, year to year snowpack comparisons, and avalanche education. With so many places to splitboard in the world it’s impossible to be everywhere at once but visiting our Trip Report forum can make you feel like you were! Whether you’re getting your gnar on or just getting started, please share your stoke with us. Stoke is stoke! was founded in 2004 and is the world’s first splitboard-specific website; uniting splitboarders around the world while creating an active and vibrant online community.