• I have been using Malamutes for 2 seasons now. Had them fitted at a boot shop and all. Overall I really like them. But there is one issue I have as the OP has mentioned. WTF is with the red vagina lips in the heel cup? Are they just there to chew holes in your heels? I suppose this is some sort of heel lockdown? But really it is an awesome…[Read more]

  • Man I want this so bad. I am so tempted by this thing. I know it would be a dream ride.

  • I would love to hear what the deal is. So many people have been rocking them with very few issues. They flat out suck for posting that with no explanation.

  • Wasatch Super Resort baby!!!!!!!!!!! Why do you think we need a new airport??

    This shit will get slammed through with no public input in backroom deals. The gondola thing is the tip of this iceberg. We are heading for a mountain Disneyland for rich fuckers. Utah will not be for the people that live here.

  • zerodog replied to the topic Voile Artisan in the forum Splitboards 10 years, 4 months ago

    Nice. Voile is gettin with it! Could be a cool board, especially for the price.

  • This board has me very intrigued. If there was a split version I would buy one. Hopefully with enough interest in it Furberg will produce some.

  • I have 2.
    An OR down sweater and a Go-lite 800 down jacket. The Go-lite is the full deal. Hood and very puffy. But it is so light and stuffs to nothing. I have been choosing it a lot over the OR. The material is so thin it is almost see through. I put it on over my jacket for transitions, or digging pits, or just taking a break. If I get…[Read more]

  • Can you post a pic of your setup?

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    Toured several times with these boots. First time I actually had some pretty good heel lift. Other than a blister on my heel, I had zero pain. :rock: The Malamutes have some pockets for these support boomerangs in the liners. I made some thicker boomerangs out of some 1/125 rubber and stuffed it into the pockets. This helps pinch…[Read more]

  • You should take a quick video of it and send it to Karakoram. Those dudes are on it for support. You could have something installed wrong or there might just be something wrong with your risers. You can bend your wires in more to create more or less tension too. This might be all you need. I have been touring for a full season on mine with the…[Read more]

  • It sounds to me like an adjustment issue. If the toe piece is not lined up right, or the center pin has interference, or the fit is too tight, stuff will be really hard to fit together with any snow build up at all. The only problems I have had with ice have been when the day starts warm then gets cold. I need to do some scraping on my first…[Read more]

  • I had problems with loosening of my k plates last year. I always used blue loctite. But I figured out what the deal was when specing some loctite for my job. Stainless fasteners take twice as long to cure the loctite and the bond is half as strong as steel fasteners. I always did mine the night before riding in my cold workshop. I bet it…[Read more]

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    It dumped here in UT. So I broke down and went to a resort yesterday because avalanche conditions were bad here in UT. It sucked but, it was a great way to test the new setup.

    I was really skeptical about the boots. They were tight! But I rode all day. And I had no pain! Or at least very little. It was amazing. No bottom of the foot pain…[Read more]

  • Good to see you guys got out. That is what I should have been doing, I went to solitude. It sucked. I think I am officially done with resorts. It would have been more fun watching TV all day. Shitloads of people and tracked out instantly. There were only a few turns all day that were quality. :nononno:

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    Boots are done. They have an interesting fit. Very snug but no pain. I have room to wiggle my toes but no room to move my foot at all. I will see how it goes this weekend. The heat forming was more involved a lot more than I have done in the past. Thick socks. Spacer cap in the toe area. More spacers on other spots on my foot. And my insole.…[Read more]

  • My buddy has been rocking them this season. So far so good. He has about the same traction I do with my BD skins. They seem to pick up less snow under them and yeah they pull apart like nothing. I think you could give them a hard whip and they would peel apart.

  • zerodog replied to the topic Horrible foot pain in the forum Boots 10 years, 5 months ago

    wow! Thanks for all of the responses guys. Jimmy I hope I don’t have any damage going on in there.

    I have been working with a boot fitter (Inkline) on this issue. I have always had problems with my feet. Even when I was a kid skiing. Mostly it was this outer edge of the foot pain. That sucked. I even had bruises from it last fall. That is…[Read more]

  • I got a go-lite shangrala 5 this summer and plan on using it for my base camp this winter. It is huge, light weight, and versatile. It’s big drawback is that it is not freestanding and takes a bit of skill to use.

  • P Cookie. Sorry for the slow reply. Haven’t looked on SB.com in a while. Post a picture. I am not sure what fit your are referring to. I will measure my board. But I am sure you have the adjustment you need somewhere. You might need to un-bolt the toe piece and slide it to the other mounting position to get the width you need to make things tight.

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    We are planning on knocking back a few but not getting fall down drunk. Decisions made then would be bad or not made at all. And a hangover would ruin the next days touring.

    Not sure about the liners in my sleeping bag. They are for sure wet as hell when I am done touring. And my bag is pretty small to begin with. Any other strategies for…[Read more]

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