• @jive stick wrote:

    Wull, Zach, yer fun to tease and the responses are entertaining to say the least.
    I’ve learned all about how to lift the skis, exercises at the gym, holier than thou, splitboarders are like telemarkers( except for the patchouli), you need AT boots to snowboard at alltitude, there”s some rad dudes out there using them, Voile guys…

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  • That’s some funny shit….

    All nicey-nice, trying to play it off like it was a little friendly ribbing.

    In the 2 or so years (Chris?) that this site has been around, just about every time I posted about my gear opinions or choices, either Jive or DJ copped a big attitude, as if I should first clear my opinions with their little insiders club of…[Read more]

  • YYYaaaaawwwwwnnnnn….

    Jive, seriously… Explain to me, why it get’s your undies in such a twist when I use a different set-up than you.

    And, BTW – you’re right. It’s not 19k. There is ZERO comparison between wind-blasted snow on a slope that has standing trees, vs. an environment where the wind can knock you off your feet, the overnight…[Read more]

  • Beat that dead horse all you want, and that’s exactly what I was pointing out as the narrow-minded attitude that seems so pervasive in THIS particular community of backcountry snowboarders.

    Jive Stick has been touring in the Wasatch for almost as long as I’ve been alive. He has also been advancing the science of avalanche forecasting, pretty much…[Read more]

  • Just look at LifeLink Split’s avatar, when you read my posts….

    Right now, i’m using some Karhu Metas..
    – I peeled off the skin that came with them.
    – replaced them with a Tractor Skin, cut it to fit wall-to-wall, and permanently riveted it on.
    – took off the original bindings
    – replaced them with Dynafit toe pieces and Voile Heel Risers.

    I…[Read more]

  • See,

    Here’s what I don’t get:

    I point out that:

    a. splitboards and soft boots are great for all sorts of technical and awesome lines in the Sierra and Wasatch, etc… other relatively moderate altitudes


    b. that hard boots and plate bindings are the favored option for high-altitude mountaineering.. and, in my case just general backcountry,…[Read more]

  • Man, you guys in Utah need to get out of your bubble a little… either that or do folks the curtoesy of reading posts thuroughly.

    I’ve ttried to convince Donek to make splitboards, because (as I think I;ve stated many times) most people in the market can use them, enjoy them, etc…

    It cracks me up how even the thought of anyone using anything…[Read more]

  • 😀 I forgot about Marco… that’s an awesome photo.

    Those were some seriously modified strap bindings from F2. The high backs were a thin strip of aluminum. I’m pretty sure he was sponsored by Asolo on that trip…

  • @jive stick wrote:

    Can you show me some evidence of that, Zach.
    And by the way, I don’t appreciate the insults in every conversation I have with you, both in person and on the internet.
    Been there and done that.
    Wishin I’d a snapped a pic of the day you were laying in the snow wondering about lunch the last time we toured together,…

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  • Yup.. I know of Tom and Jim… and, all of their serious climbs and descents at altitudes above 15k were done with plastic boots and plate bindings. They both ride in soft boots and use splitboards, but not at high altitude. The risk of frostbite is just too severe, and the compromise of climbing performance isn’t worth it.

    Keep reachin’, old man.

  • I’ve tried just about every iteration of boot and binding combo and cobble-job possible, and here are the conclusions that I’ve come to:

    1. Soft Boots with strap bindings, on a splitboard, are a great option for local backcountry… and pretty much anything below 15k-feet and not involving technical climbing… if you like riding in soft…[Read more]

  • I know it has been said before, but keep in mind that reviews are written for people who are considerably less informed than the folks who frequent message boards like this one.

    The vast majority of backcountry snowboarders are considerably less informed.

    I’m pretty sure that Craig had been talking about doing this type of article before I ever…[Read more]

  • that, and the patchouli

  • Like I said: do whatever works for you.

    I just find it funny how splitboarders are starting to sound like telemarkers… If you don’t do it their way, there’s something wrong with you.

    BTW – I don’t just sit around in a gym all day. I own a gym.

  • No sweat….

    Actually, try this:
    – Go to the gym
    – If they have a cable-cross-overs, then set the cable at the bottom of the upright, then attach it to your ankle. Then load it with 20 pounds and kick it forward, just like skinning, until you can’t do it anymore.
    – rest for 2 days
    – go back to the gym and grab a 20 kilo bar
    – squat to 1/4 depth…[Read more]

  • If the split-fest is around here, sure… other than that, I don’t imagine I’ll have time away from my business for more than a few hours this winter.

    BTW – “classic” nordic skiing relies on glide, after the ski has been lifted through a “stroke” above the snow.. the ski glides on the un-textured portion of the ski, until the weight of the foot…[Read more]

  • Pretty much….. yeah.

    Think about it… by pushing the boards along the snow, you’re creating friction… more work. I try to lift the skis off of the snow at each step, then “land” toes-first, just like a sprinter. The momentum of the step causes the ski to slide forward in the snowa few inches.

    I kind of saw the folly in pushing the boards…[Read more]

  • Yeah, the extra weight and length is what I would be worried about. I noticed that for myself, I had a tendency to slide the boards as opposed to lifting them off of the snow in a more step-like motion…

    It could be nit-picking, but to just dismiss approach skis as less efficient ignores some pretty blatant advantages.


  • Works fine for me, on the descent… I don’t even notice them.

    I use pretty light approach skis. I do think that my set-up lends works best for hard-booters. And, i would hardly calll myself a shredder, but I can get down the hill without too much flailing… most days.

    Man, I’d hate to imagine the damage you’re doing to your Patella, with all…[Read more]

  • @Unruly Baker wrote:

    I have been told by several people that approach skis are better than a splitboard.

    I think these people are completely and totally retarded.

    I have been splitboarding for 3 years, and on slowshoes a couple years prior to that, getting the snowboard off my back was the probably the biggest improvement for me, the gliding…

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