• I’m also looking into getting a kite for some backcountry snowkiting. I currently kiteboard on the ocean and am going to try it out on the snow in July/August over in Chile. It should be great over there as pretty much all of the snow is above the tree line, so plenty of space and plenty of vert to play in too (not many flat snowy areas).

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  • Here’s a few more shots that I grabbed off Phil, a couple of shots boarding and a nice shot of the route up to Choshuenko, I was having a sickie that day but it looks like a great trek!

    Choshuenko, the guys climbed up the tip of the peak in the middle of the shot.

    on top of Casablanca volcano, great ride down.

    skinning up Osorno

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  • thanks for the info,

    I heard that the powder was a bit better up further north so I’ve actually decided to fly into Santiago and spend around 5 weeks in Chile. I was at Portillo last year, boarding in the resort and the snow was amazing so I’m going to start off around there (Aug 9th) and see where I end up. Las Lenas is just over the border so…[Read more]