• I wonder if they make the “whoosh whoosh” Kung Fu sound everytime you swing ’em.

  • At the minimum, I’d recommend using a good table saw to make the split. I think a band saw would be even better, since the kerf of the blade is much thinner on a bandsaw, removing a lot less material. I bolted a 2×6 board into the binding mounts and made sure the board was square to the long axis of the snowboard; that way, you’ll have a reference…[Read more]

  • Thanks, bcrider. This board was totally the inspiration for me to split my beloved Arbor. I have a Burton Custom X that I was considering splitting, but the position of the binding mounts would’ve been problematic for the split.

    Yeah…I noticed the off-centered climbing bars, too. Given my history of misreading instructions, I can easily imagine…[Read more]

  • Okay…I just took a couple pix, and this is the first time I’ve posted images, so forgive me if I mess this up.

    Here it is. I split the board using a table saw, and probably measured and marked the board 20x! It’s such a beautiful board; when I started up the saw, my palms were pretty sweaty. The split was perfect.

    You can see how I’ve…[Read more]

  • Ooops…I’m an idiot. I just answered one of my questions…by looking at the instructions again. That climbing block “shim” DOES form the bottom half of a sandwich, with the tab of the shim pointing forwards.

    I swear I read the directions a half-dozen times, and I didn’t see that!