• Hey Matt
    I would be keen to hook up for a couple of runs – I will be in Les Contamines from 5th til 26th Jan – usually ride around there – never ventured over the other side of the ridge to Cham! Newish to splitting only done 3 days on it last yr, non-kook tho, let me know if you want to talk more.

  • Hey Paul
    I spent several winters in Andorra – I know its a bit of a drive from Hossegor, but I noticed recently on Facebook a group called Andorra Freeriders or something like that….. May be worth a bit of a look.
    I do a couple of trips a year to French Alps now, travelling from the UK is similar distance but more snow sure than the Pyrenees.…[Read more]

  • Matt & Emma
    I am just back from a couple of weeks playing around nearby in Les Contamines, St Gervais, same sort of time as Jln was making his videos, best conditions I have ever had for a 2 week holiday…. had whole seasons with less powder ridden.
    Anyway, would love to piggy back your trip, unfortunately can’t, but may be able to squeeze…[Read more]

  • Had a few resort runs & just got back from 1st little tour on the cashew – about 800m up and down on mellow terrain, breakable crust – annoying.
    Its pretty nimble on the piste – and playful with the rocker – switch rides fine. in the resort powder a couple of days ago it was nice in the steeper and very deep stuff – tail sinking in nicely for a…[Read more]

  • Hey Jarno
    I got your PM, and replied about 10 days ago but I think it didn’t send properly, can you let me know if you got it. New board arrived yesterday. Exxcited.
    Tom 😀

  • I got one……
    Just received it, looks killer, the shape reminds me of a sick stick, but it is tapered slightly. Construction quality is perfect, the hemp topsheet is actually fabric???? I thought it may be glassed into it.
    It is very thin and consequently feels quite light, I haven’t weighed it, I will wait until I have mounted it up with my…[Read more]

  • Hi all
    I am new to the forum, Jarno – I will be in Contamines with my wife for 3 weeks from mid Jan, I need a partner for some outings around there or I would be happy to drive elsewhere to meet up.
    Technically I won’t be splitting – hoping to get my hands on a pair of approach skis then ride down on a conventional deck. Have been snow-shoeing for…[Read more]