• LOL…

    That was my attempt to recreate a surfing lip slash on a powder pillow. It was followed shortly downslope by my other typical surfing move – the cartwheeling starfish. 😳


  • I like mine. It’s turnier than you’d expect, feels more like a stiff 160 freestyle board than a 178 until you look at the nose. Carves the groomers very well as long as you stay centered. If you get on the front like normal, the nose digs and you’ll auger. Works pretty well in our trees but I’ve never had it on anything really tight.

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  • I’m just getting into the BC thing and Kendall Knob is on my short list of ‘easy’ tours to hit. Is the approach from the snopark better than parking at West and walking under the overpass to the Pac Crest trailhead just off the Alpy road?

    I had my new split out for the very first time today over at Silver Fir. Skinning wasn’t as bad as I was…[Read more]

  • I got mine from Bola at All Board Sports in Boulder. If I ever have to by anything mailorder, I always give him first crack rather than one of the anonymous big outfits. I’ve gotten great service from them.


    I don’t think he’s got any right now but I know he’s trying to get another batch in this year, including…[Read more]

  • The snow’s started coming down here so I started the annual tuning ritual. My turn for a little snowboard geekery. The boards range from a 124cm on the left to a Tanker200 on the right. The Voile is the newest addition, I’m dying to take it out but we’ve still got thin coverage and I don’t want to destroy it the first day out…

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  • After putting off the purchase last Spring and thinking about it all Summer, I bought my first splitboard a couple weeks ago. This thread was one of the many things that I read in researching my purchase.

    I decided on an all-round template in the mid-high 160’s and found basically the same deal on a current Voile FR and a Prior Backcountry from…[Read more]

  • The Dupraz is that way too (needing to be ridden very centered). It’s a pintail with a lot of taper but the stance is actually centered ahead of the effective edge. The only times I’ve hard trouble with mine was when riding it ‘normally’. It’s weird but it seems to work. I wonder what it’d be like as a splitboard…

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  • @3snowboards wrote:

    @flatlander wrote:

    Do yourself a favor and get some pants with a powder skirt (it is more like a cumberbun) makes a powder skirt on a jacket seem like a backwards idea.

    What brand of pants have these so called “powderbuns”?

    I was thinking the same thing but I have no clue how it would even work. I’ve already got a pair of…[Read more]

  • I agree with UTAH’s comments 100%. Acrimony aside, this thread has been a goldmine of info for a newby such as myself.

    Zach’s comments actually helped push me over the edge to sack up and order my first split (new Voile 166). Most of what I want to do is easy ‘slackcountry’ and splitting with softboots seems the ticket.

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  • Offtopic-sorry…

    ScottH, are you the same ScottH that used to do a lot of surf kayaking & whitewater? Member of WKC?


  • Refried & John D…

    I have a 06/07 Tanker 200 ‘Maori’ that I got from Sandy last season. Killer board, you’re welcome to try before you buy. Although, if you try it, you’re sure to buy it. I had one of the older Tankers and the new ones ride quite different, better to my mind.

    You’re welcome to try the Dupraz 178 too if you’re…[Read more]

  • @Jon Dahl wrote:

    Maybe Mr. Happy Monkey would be interested in building a split on the roundtail Winterstick/Dupraz board style?? I am interested myself in doing that, and may contact him about it.

    I rode with the Head Monkey two weeks ago while he was testing his first sandwich construction prototype (which looked VERY good). He said he’d need…[Read more]

  • S’up John, refried. The Dupraz is a very nice board, really does work well in almost all conditions despite the weird appearance. I think a Dupraz split would be ideal but I’m not about to cut one in half…

    Thx all for the info & opinions, much appreciated.