• I have the older BD mohair mix, which seems now like Glidelite. I would certainly recommend them. They pack very light, glide really well after about 10 tours (better than nylon out the gate), and grip just fine on almost all tracks but the steepest. The glue is also awesome. I reglued mine after about 150 days on them.d

    I personally think…[Read more]

  • I’ve been pretty happy with my Black Diamond Coefficient jacket as a mid layer. I have the one with a hood, and I like it since it has a little extra warmth. I can skin in it if its not dumping.

    And matching what Snurfer said on jacket with mesh pockets. My Outdoor research jackets do just that and its stellar.

  • Starting off, I am a hardbooter, so I have no experience lately with any of these systems and only do from a few years ago. But I have been splitboarding for 10 years.

    A ski lock mode I think is the most over rated thing out there. Once you figure out split skiing, you don’t need it. I have a way to lock down with the Phantoms and have used…[Read more]

  • I would go with the Storm based on your weight. I typically lean towards longer for better float in Colorado since the backcountry is typically deeper and soft snow, so I would push you away from the 166. When I rode the storm 161 a few years ago I thought it was nimble and rode shorter than the length suggested, but floated great. The storm…[Read more]

  • If Karkis says its sweet, I take that to the bank! I rode this board 1 day at Silverton splitfest last year in less than ideal conditions. Touring up was straight ice. I used ski crampons. It toured fine for grip. never summer profile doesn’t tour as well as a cambered board, but it rides a whole lot better down. As for the down, I rode corn…[Read more]

  • I have a Never Summer Chairman 160 with Union bindings, weighs at 10.1lbs
    My Prior Slasher XTC with Phantom bindings weighs in at 9.9lbs
    Although most split setups I’d say are heavier and a solid board would perform better at the resort. The chairman is a better all around board and rides all conditions with a damper ride. While splitboards…[Read more]

  • People always forget you can save a lot of cash by splitting a board yourself. I found an older never summer online for $35, and bought it and split it. After skins, split specific bindings (even used), you can likely get a full setup for under $400 if you are budget minded.

    I’d take an old board and used gear over snowshoes any day. Snowshoes suck.

  • Three things that’s cool, even though I’m a hardbooter and don’t plan to use this.
    1) Front Points (21:00). solid idea @russman.
    2) The shedding system(4:00) is a slick idea. I’d love to see it really with ice and snow. I also like you are now interfacing both boards with overlap. I find with Phantoms this adds a lot of torsional rigidity.…[Read more]

  • I have Dynafit 130’s that work on my NS Prospector (248w), Prior Slasher (252w), but do not fit on my Furberg (264w). I ended up having to get the Spark D Rex W version. I haven’t put enough days on them to compare the two (Dynafits have always been solid), but they clearly are heavier than the Dynafits, but having a built in riser is pretty nice.

  • I went to Japan last year at this time of year. It wasn’t epic Japan deep, but it was deep. Some days we had over 2′ of snow, and we broke trail most of the time (well really @donhatch aka Donzilla did so its not fair since we brought a ringer, but I did break some). My group was laughing when we were doing 4-6 laps with splitboards and the…[Read more]

  • summersgone replied to the topic Gen 3 Furberg in the forum Splitboards 1 year, 9 months ago

    @permnation, when you get out on it I’d love to hear how it compares to the Gen 1 and 2. I have no experience with Gen 2, but I like my gen 1 for those big mountain powder days. It is just so versatile, but sometimes I wish for a bit more carve turn. I assume they minimized the camber on this to almost flat? Should making skinning a lot…[Read more]

  • This doesn’t really have to do with the Phantom system, more the dynafit toe piece, or whatever toe piece you are using.

    I do not know for sure, but I would expect locked down toe that you are fine. With the voile strap to hold down the foot from the heel riser, you run a larger risk of potentially pulling the screws out from the riser, but I…[Read more]

  • summersgone replied to the topic Union Expedition in the forum Bindings 1 year, 11 months ago

    Well I didn’t watch much of that, but that looked painful and a terrible design. Glad I have Phantoms.

    And when my dog starts whining like that, I make sure to tell her “Abby, don’t you wish you picked a telemarker as a parent?”

    If only it could snow so we could start snowboarding, that’d be great…

  • Unfortunately, I think you’re dreaming. Considering splitboarders make up likely 5% (at best) of the snowboard market, and hardbooters likely make up generously 10% of them, that is 0.5% of the population that would need this, probably no more than a 1000 people worldwide? It is simply not enough for a company like Dynafit to develop anything…[Read more]

  • I wouldn’t see any major issue with 1cm wider. You may get a slight bit of play side to side and find it slightly harder to edge them as a perfect setup, but that is all I would expect. My girlfriend used 110cm wide dynafit crampons on her 90cm wide skis for a bit, and while not ideal still worked just fine (just a bit clunkier). Now I know…[Read more]

  • If I was you I’d stick in the 158-162 range depending on types of snow you ride primarily. Soft pow, go larger, firmer, go shorter.

    For extra weight on the skin track, plan 10-18 pounds heavier than resort riding depending on your gear. My typical day is around 14 pounds with a liter of water.

    I’m 5′ 7″, 155 dry weight, and I typically ride…[Read more]

  • Yes, it is more difficult to skin in full rockered boards than a cambered one, but not unmanageable whatsoever. In some cases it allows you to sidehill easier for edge grip, but skin grip on steep tracks can be worse on firm skin tracks. You just need to make sure you are keeping weight back and the right form more.

    I have 3 boards with…[Read more]

  • In short they sound fine.

    Are you uncomfortable when you walk around is the key question? If not and they feel good walking, you are fine. You don’t want slop in the boot like a softboot, you want it to be supportive, similar to when you are buckled in on the down. I found my hardboots a bit snugger fitting than snowboard boots initially, but…[Read more]

  • I’m interested in seeing this in person, looks cool. Rumor is there will be one at Silverton Splitfest. One thing I would say is the tail clips may be challenging to get to stay in place with that design. I use the BD ski tail clips on my Slasher, but it has perfectly straight tail so it fits perfect. My 162 Prior Slasher XTC I’m not sure…[Read more]

  • As far as I know Phantom is not developing anything besides the voile strap method. My opinion is that I don’t feel I ever even needed the voile strap to split ski. I see no need for a lock down. The only time would be if I had a failure and simply needed to ski something gnarly, but I can survive. You could always use the dynafit heel piece…[Read more]

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