• I made my mind up for the solution.
    I found good price for it, but i can’t really decide for lenght.
    I can’t choose between 159w and 162w.
    My plan are mostly 1 day trips max 2.
    Powder is rare near where i live and there are lots of hard pack and icy/winded snow.
    To find myself snowboarding on narrow path is not improbable. Steep section are not…[Read more]

  • Thats is the plan indeed.

    i just tryied today a couple of pair of boots today.

    i undestand why VtVolks like the fischer traverse. they have the same frontal flex of my soft boots. I felt it a bit loose on ankle.

    Than i tried a couple of salomon x-alp. They felt mutch more secure on feet a bit on thigt side. But i think a small heat mold may…[Read more]

  • For bindings, the Spark Dyno DH has been bomber for me for many seasons of abuse. I used the Voile Mountain Plate kit for a bit before that and it never failed me, but it is indeed heavy, ugly, and raises you high off the deck. You can skin uphill on them, though, which is a unique attribute if you’re on a tight budget (i.e., no tech toepieces t…

    [Read more]

  • Hi i’m Stefano
    I’m looking for my first splitboard, i’m kinda on a budget(not super broke) and i want to buy the right gears to buy it once.
    I’ve doubt on many points, instead of making multiple posts i’ll try keep all in one.

    After lots of reading i feel like i want to jump in in hardboots but i got a bit confused too.
    – is that easy?…[Read more]