• I have the backcountry boots. Got them from the rep here in CO. Amazing boots for rock in the alpine!! I often literally billy goat up many lines that other partners simple cannot go up with other boots. Great boot for split mtneering in the spring. I recently got a set of semi auto crampons and they fit like a glove 🙂

  • I am also a solid 1.5 us mens shoes ssize and went with the 300 mondo after the 295s were a bit too small. Id definitely go with the 300 and get prepared to put in a different liner… the included liners left much to be desired 😉

  • TTT Price lowered to $300! Someone must need a great pair of boots for the upcoming season!!

  • Excited to see one! About time another carbon semi swallow pow and variable surf inspired board has hit the mtns!!
    Iam on my 2nd Jones ultracraft and love the weight savings for long days and the surf inspired riding the board has 🙂 But sure is nice to have another option.

  • Fitwell backcountry splitboard boot for sale. Used last 2 springs ago for 1/2 season. Brand new liners. Solid construction, heavy duty boots made for splitboard mtneering! Check the reviews on them. Size 295 which is about a 10, 10.5. $650 new, save some coin on these just broken in boots! Looking for $300 boo and can ship anywhere in US. Located…[Read more]

  • Fitwell backcountry splitboard boot for sale. Used last spring for 1/2 season. Brand new liners. Solid construction, heavy duty boots made for splitboard mtneering! Check the reviews on them. Size 295 which is about a 10, 10.5. $650 new, save some coin on these just broken in boots! Looking for $450 and can ship anywhere in US. Located in FairPlay, CO

  • Sweet shots Eric! Thx for sharing our stoke from the season thus far!!So many great days out with you this winter so far… can’t wait to see what springs brings!!!!! Im off the Ca, Mammoth in a few days with a stop by the rubies to check on Terminal Cancer as a pit stop 🙂 But looks to be after one more epic pow day tomm lining up!

  • Been out quite a bit lately and conditions have been great snow-wise! Been touring from the gore south to monarch area and have had nothing but great pow turns!! Definately have to get creative due to all the wind but sheltered spots have been great!! Mostly riding / hiding below treeline to avoid windslabs that are prevalent from our wind events.…[Read more]

  • No issues here with the pins coming out, but i have been burning up the brass bushings. Been thru at least 4 sets of bushings on my2 setups(rock board and daily driver) Spark has been great at getting me replacements though! Guess they dont design them to take 100+ day touring crowd 😉

  • Glad to see them making boards next yr!!! Lineup looks great… just hoping for a few interesting shape shack boards as well. Im really interested in a new carbon split next yr. And really hoping it will be a venture!

  • Junk… thats all i have to say about these new compactors. Ive had 3 sets of compactors now. 1st and 2nd were the original green and silver. No problems at all with these. Easily over a hundred days on both sets with no problems at all. The new ones i got this season, black 135cm exploded right away. Maybe 2 tours until on my ladies bday…[Read more]

  • Thx for bringing the silverton area stoke!! Havent made it down that way as of yet this winter. Looks like i might need to soon though!! Been to wolfies several times in the last few months though. Rode a great day after xmas 72″ pow day at the ski hill. West side never opended that day…maybe 100 cars or less there 🙂 It was just like the good…[Read more]

  • Glad to hear you are back out there Eric!! Now get those legs going, winter is certainly here. Cruised down to monarch yesterday to find alot and i mean alot of fresh!!! easy 24″-3′ before the snow over night. Actually rode the couch to the top at the ski hill since the snow was very reactive in the form of a storm slab. Mirkwood never opened due…[Read more]

  • There are some honey holes right now but overall take your time and heal up Eric. It’ll be great in a few months not too mention may, when u can actually ride steep lines! By then city folk will be stoked on the warm weather and stop using the roads. ANd the best way to avoid the 70 sh*t show is to move on up to the hills 🙂

    Looks like our cutoff…[Read more]

  • I’m down that way from time to time. I’ll have to hit you up and get out for a tour when i’m in town. Been touring the area for several yrs and have an access sled to get further back to the goods! Was out yesterday around schofield pass and found some great supportable pow.
    L8 John

  • Pretty decent early season conditions out in CO! So far i’ve toured in the mosquito, wolf creek pass, dry gulch and schofield pass in the elks. All had conditions that exceeded my expectations!! Glad to see the season coming in with a decent start. After this next dump could be quite good in the right places 🙂

    And i hear ya summersgone on the…[Read more]

  • Seems like it has been pretty quiet round here! Guess thats because its stable and big lines are going down 🙂 The last few weeks have been pretty great up here. Checked off a handful of local lines up in the mosquito range and an amazing day in the gore last sunday. Spring split- mtneering season is here in full swing!!!!

  • Anyone else experience very easy base denting on one of their carbon jones baords??? Im on this yrs ultracraft and have several long base dents…They were from slightly and at low speeds pinging off and riding over rocks and logs. Ive never had a board dent in the base so easily. Kind of makes me wonder if it will self destruct come spring when…[Read more]

  • Looks like 2 more storms on the way for the san juans!!! Weekend, then tues / wed… Im headed to jackson fri… doh! But they do have a mostly stable snowpack up there right now 🙂
    I’m sure things are touchy in the san juans and looking to get more unstable with the next storms. Be safe down there and enjoy winters return!!!!

  • Well.. Monarch was pretty darn sick the last 3 days 🙂

    -Sunday was damn cold! Only got a few laps in about 8″ or so since my ladies feet were frozen by the 4 degree temp, doh!!
    -Monday was pretty deep.. 2ft or so. Deep enough to ride the lift till noon 🙂 Got a sweet rope drop to mirkwood and 2nd tracks thru the bowl. After it got choppy it was…[Read more]

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