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    @nickstayner wrote:

    – I had mixed feelings after learning that Jones (and the Guch!) made the first snowboard descent of the Otterbody on the Grand using guides. While obviously one hell of a feat (especially in such conditions!), since a major part of the trilogy’s storyline has been self-sustained, human-powered adventures in the mountains, it struck me as odd that he would utilize guides on a route that would be majorly featured in his film. I thought it would be cooler if he had “simply” climbed and shredded the Ford/Stettner or something similar, leading the pitches himself, etc… I also thought it was a bit of a shame that the first snowboard descent of such a heady, committing route was made as a guided descent. Lastly, I know both of the guides who were up there with him and still think that this holds up more as a testament to the next-level, Alps-esque guiding skills of Brendan and Z than as a noteworthy snowboard descent. I hoped they would be given a fair portrayal of their roles in the film.

    The whole trilogy has used guides. I may be wrong on this, but I don’t think you could get a film permit for doing what they’re doing in National Parks without having guides… so for a big budget movie it kind of makes sense.


    Just a couple photos from around here last winter because I am excited and I want you to be too


    @saign wrote:

    Thanks for the recommendations.

    The tentative plan so far is to fly into Juneau and take the boat. We’re definitely on the dirtbag budget, going for 2 weeks hoping to be able get dropped and camp tour for around 5 days and maybe do a day of heli. So we’re probably looking to stay closer to where the planes are as opposed to the heli. We even thought of maybe renting an RV or van, when we were thinking of Valdez as well, we found them for pretty cheap out of Anchorage.

    I’ve heard elsewhere that a little ways into Canada there’s tree zones, with pillows and other goods right off the highway to tour when it’s storming, anybody have any experience with that? I’d also like to stay away from heli zones while touring if possible. That’s the point of the plane drop, and going to Haines instead of Valdez, but if there’s anything accessible from the road that I won’t have to worry about getting dropped in on, that would be prime.

    How’s the border crossing to the yukon? Is there one? I’m not really allowed in Canada, but I do have a passport, and know plenty of people who have slipped through at major border crossings, so I’m hoping it won’t be an issue up there.


    Alaska Heliskiing does a heli-tour option where they will drop you off in a zone and let you tour all day, I think. Had a couple friends go and do something like that last spring with them. They had the whole place to themselves pretty much, as people got spooked away from Haines when SEABA had that accident.

    There is a lot of easy road side trees (and steeps) in Juneau, but as far as in Canada I am not too sure. The border crossing is just the same as any Canada-USA border crossing. I have had a couple friends searched going through, but your experience may vary…

    Snow level dropped to 3000 feet last night… Starting to get real pretty up here :disco:


    haines is awesome. on the US side there is not as much “easy” road side touring as in valdez, a lot of the mountains have a pretty long approach though the woods and stuff. still, once you get up into the pass the mountains are really accessible, but bring a passport! heres a good guide for the yukon side of things:

    as for places to stay, i’d recommend staying at the “funny farm”. bruce is the man. he’s located near 30 mile so youre just a quick hop and skip away from all the fun at 33 mile.
    if you can get a couple buddies together you can rent one of his cabins and it’s one of the cheaper options for a roof over your head.

    your best bet for weather is in haines…but there are plenty of options here in juneau, too. not to mention that we have a ski resort if you’re ever weathered in… just throwing this out there 😉


    no, it’s not good in alaska. there is too much darkness and no women. don’t come here at all. please. :mrgreen:

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