• If there is no visible pain, let her pass on her own. My dog knew when it was his time. Was playing around until his last few hours. He ended up wanting to be in the back of the same car that he we brought him home in.

    He is buried on my land. The vet wanted money. Fuck that.

  • In Washington…
    To my knowledge, first unofficial Cascade spiltboard fest was in 2008 at Crystal Mt. It came together via the partners wanted forum on this site.

    Mt Baker splitboard fest would be the first official with sponsors, raffles, and such.

    J, if you need more history let me know.


  • Powderjunkie…cod piece, check

    Redbulls and McGriddles, the sure recipe for taking good shits in the mountains.

    Story of the trip…

    While Puffy was playing photog, PJ and I noticed a lady laying down in the middle of the street taking photos of the sky. Only thing was she was spread eagle. A comment was made. I can’t recall exactly but…[Read more]

  • Jcocci, amazing pics again. Eli also had some great pics of all of us too.

    Stability, however, is a whole new ball park these days.

    After a week of bc at Rogers Pass and a week of bc at Crystal, a week of riding lifts at Lookout Pass and Schweitzer is a real treat. Terrain is so crazy that you don’t have to wonder far to find the goods in…[Read more]

  • jack wrote:

    so is that LeTigra or Blue Steel?

    I call it Afterbirth.

    gregm wrote:

    Hey Eric is that kinda like when that older woman paid you to do yardwork with no shirt on?

    I was desperate for cash and working corners is kinda dangerous these days.

    rapskallion wrote:

    Snoslut is by no means a One Trick Monkey. You should see him jib his way…

    [Read more]

  • Flabbergasted! I sure was. Had no idea Stephen submitted any photos. He was unaware any were selected.

    Now back to more urgent matters. Hey Mother Nature, this is Washington and we want our infamous effin cascade cement. Like yesterday.

    Thank you, that is all.

    Will wrote:

    Our own Snoslut is beginning his career as a male model

    It was a…[Read more]

  • Tex, if you make it up this far, I have some space. Plus I know a little bc around here.

    Jlag, been a while. Been a few since I’ve been to Bachy/Tumelo area too. Maybe this is the year…

  • sneeky, stevens is good. Hook up with the right folks and you’ll be riding untouched lift served bc all day. Some of those said folks currently reside over at TGR. The bc around there is unreal. Head either north or east a bit. Check out the terrain on google maps. Take my word, your gonna have to work for them!

    The bc around here is…[Read more]

  • Spicolli11 wrote:

    6000 ft snow level and mad precip in the NW…..hmmmm…I think snow is falling right now

    Yup and proly gone by tomorrow. What a tease. The new snow that has fallen so far has turned to chowder quickly.

    North = more snow, cloudy. South = less snow, more sun.

    Hood had a coat of white last Friday. Can almost ride down to the…[Read more]

  • Yo Jack! Gonna be at T-Line tomorrow for some lift serve. You gonna be around?

    Or anybody else for that matter? I’ll be leaving this evening and making the usual stops at the Rat and Charlie’s.

  • Word on the street is that Crystal is out. Oxy and teke surfing are in.

    The bc around Crystal is as limitless as the imagination. It also has a ton of terrain that can be accessed off the lifts and they never enforce beacon, shovel, probe or partner rule so you can pretty much roam. To access bc off lifts at Baker, you will need the gear.…[Read more]

  • snoslut replied to the topic Summer TR in the forum Trip Reports 13 years ago

    Next time I’m in San Diego Tex, let’s hook up. OB was pretty sweet. Tons of descent breaks off Sunset Cliffs.

    Yeah the gf and I jetted for Westport. Not much improvement there either. Cove = flat, groins = flat, jetty = consistent 2-3 ft swell with cleanups 4-5 ft range. Only problem was the wind was blowing in the wrong direction. Walked…[Read more]

  • SanFran, Fullers…great to finally meet ya. Nice seeing ya again Tex.

    Bummer about the weather window but way to make the most of it. Sometimes Miss Adams likes to bare all. Sometimes she wears a knee high skirt. Tease!

    Fullers, we rolled in way too late. Didn’t start hiking till 7ish. Rangers evacuating Sunday morning for the fire that…[Read more]

  • Keep a lazy eye out for the LDS.

    Sweet, another possible conexshun in Uoootah.

  • Jcocci, wife, myself, gf are planning on heading south. Jcocci is leaving Friday morning. I wanna get outta of dodge so I plan on heading down tonight and camping off I-84. Will camp at Memaloose, just past Hood River.

    Forecast is not looking so great for Friday. Thunderstorms predicted so I’m gonna make the call Friday morning. Either way…[Read more]

  • Yeah SanFran, the only rideable line I know of is the CJ couly from the obvious col, left of J-berg. That line goes to the valley bottom, cliff free.

    snorut… 😆

  • Mumbles, forgot about UW graduation this weekend. Traffic through Seattle was nuts. Yeah, we were late.

  • Tex,
    Its fun either way. Nice thing about the car push is the light load. You can bring solid boards and hike in tennis shoes. If the steps on the steep sections are in good condition, you might even leave the crampons and ice axe behind. Just depends on your comfort level and snow.

    Regarding overnighters, I would recommend camping on a bluff…[Read more]

  • Jcocci, looks like Tuesdays the day. Freezing levels shooting up Tuesday night and Wednesday.

    Depending on work, I might be game. I call ya.

  • Rainier update as of Monday evening…

    Glaciers on the north side are holding up great. Above 7,500 ft, suncups are filled in and surface is fast and smooth. Below is soft, carvable and the bumps make it less sticky. We could ride all the way down to 3,800 ft. still.

    Couple crevasses are starting to open so we brought our diapers (harness)…[Read more]

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