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  • 45 min. to the Pebble Creek backside, you can go as far as you like.
    2 hrs to the tetons and three hours to the sawtooths… Idaho is great, lots of mtns. cheap beer and homely people. Sometimes the snow doesn’t cover all the rocks, but then you get new stuff 😀

  • I like the Malamute but they pack out quickly, I think. How many days or years in the BC do most get from a set? I get new malamutes, yearly, and they are squish in two months. 60 ish days. Are the driver X’s any better?

  • Ridden 4 days, Head AK 162. Great board but I want the 168, 250 bucks. Anyone else want it? Or a Salomon LOFT 160, last years, ridden 5 days 300$. Plus whatever shipping is. Let me know.

  • ryon replied to the topic swallow tail ? in the forum Splitboards 15 years, 4 months ago

    I am about 3 hours from Hailey in Pocatello. If you are comming up I-15 to get to Hailey then you will drive right by. If you have time I’ll check the board out or we could just get a good day in splitting. I head up past Hailey yurting for the next week and I’ll be back the 6th.
    As for the DIY’s it seems to be hit or miss. I have one…[Read more]

  • ryon replied to the topic swallow tail ? in the forum Splitboards 15 years, 4 months ago

    That is a nice looking snowboard.
    I have a 169 older, rock, splitboard that I want to cut a swallow into just to check it out. If it rips then I will either split my own or buy one. I enjoy building them, but it seems like they blow up after about two years w/DIY boards. I figured if it was somewhat of a special condition board it may last longer…[Read more]

  • they actually handled it very well. I bought the kit about three weeks ago, but it could have been in the shop since last year.

  • Well, I shouldn’t have doubted Voile’s reputation. Not only have they been nice to deal with, but they went way above and beyond what was expected. I really appreciate everything. Karma Surf you all deserve endless POW days. All the snow Utah gets is because of your customer service karma, you guys are good people.

    on a side note:
    I work at a…[Read more]

  • I have built quit a few DIY’s and have had my best luck with using new boards. I will buy a good deal at the end of the season and build it the following season. I am about 550$ into this project, this is less than a Mojo. Until the last two years or so, I have believed, that DIY’s are better boards. I would like a Mojo but…… The problem I…[Read more]

  • that is funny shiiit.

  • i have only seen it in the summer after doing the cream puff. It looked to me like there would be some fun riding. I have been there in the end of june and it looked like there were ski tracks off the sides of some of the slopes and lots of snow in june. We couldn’t even drive on one side of the lake because the road was closed due to snow. Good…[Read more]

  • a burrito tabagon that wrapped around him and then a guy used his skis to make shift attach the tabagon to the sled and then a guy skied behind the tabagon with a rope/thether. They had to go really slow and the tabagon kept bouncing behind the snowmobile hitting my friends leg. They pulled him about 3/4 of a mile and then the helicopter was able…[Read more]

  • about 9 years ago in the BC my friend got slide into a tree and broke his femur. I did not make the traction device but some doctor/BC friends came and did. They used his ski’s(one splintered hitting the tree), webbing, and my leatherman.
    I did try to hold my friends foot in traction until the Dr.’s got there and that was one of the hardest things…[Read more]

  • I ride a mt. bike 10 -15 hours a week and then try to build trail in the fall two or three days a week. When it finally snows I just hike a lot. I wish I could get into going to the gym, but I can’t take it. My wife teaches yoga and I just struggle getting into it, even though I know it would help. I even tried to catch a little buzz before…[Read more]

  • I will correct myself.
    I do not think that you should rip off corporate america, but be selective of the ones you help. After reading paulster and sheps posts I had to re-think what I was communicating. If you want to be a rip off, do it, but know that karma comes full force when it’s ready and if you are accountable for your sh!t you know you…[Read more]

  • good job, I wish some of that sort of thinking would fly in Idaho. Lands being gobbled up like crazy and abused. Nice work 😀

  • being a member means you get a good deal and now your asking someone’s opinion to help you justify ripping them off. I am all about ripping off corporate america, but you are the one that has to live with yourself. By asking the ? it seems that at some level you feel wrong about it. good luck and ethics suck ❓

  • DIY’s are great. The inside edge is a non-issue if you swap sides when in split mode. As mentioned above, keep an eye on the epoxyed edge. I use a carpet laying straight edge as a guide to keep my cut straight. This sort of sraight edge will bend and c-clamp into the perfect straight line. Make sure you pull measurements to find the exact…[Read more]

  • Will,
    It’s nice to know some don’t sell out to capitalist greed. I beleive thats the biggest reward you could ever have. If telling them what you think or voicing your opinion helps you ethically, do it, you have a good thing going and seem real solid. You may catch others attention with your actions in a “practice what you preach” type thing…[Read more]

  • Yoda,
    you hit a nerve. What has happened to practical gear? I have to buy new gear about every season. I get close to a 100 days in a year w/ 50 % in the BC and all my shiiit has to come from the ski industry becasue I am not a “typical” snowboarder. I realize the BC market will remain relatively small due to the amount of effort it takes to…[Read more]

  • ryon replied to the topic Hello! in the forum Splitboard Talk Forum 15 years, 10 months ago

    wow, great photos. have you been into the bc around the oakridge/ diamond peak/willamette area? I was there a few weeks ago and the BC looked great. its real easy to say that when you’ve only seen the place in the summer time.

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