• I have been riding the K bindings all season, and I love them, but I will admit that I have had to shim the hole that locks the forward facing pin in place. I used a small file that I sharpen my crampons with. Just enlarging the hole slightly has made the transition a lot smoother. I also experimented with spraying a little non-stick cooking spray…[Read more]

  • Yeah, I had no issues getting my Mountain Twin on a timely basis. I thought ordering through Boulder Ski Deals would be a good call because I assumed those guys did decent Jones volume. All I want is a straight answer on what is going down with the splittys because the deliver date has been moved on me no less than five times. Not getting a…[Read more]

  • Does anyone have any inside intel on when the f*ck these Jones Solutions are going to start shipping? I know several of you received yours already. I’m first on the list at Boulder Ski Deals, and I pre-ordered back in September. I’m leaving the first week of December for a month long road trip that will take me through all of British Columbia and…[Read more]

  • Jackson is relatively small and more geographically isolated than some of the suggestions, but the town has everything you need. It’s known (in the summer) as a posh hangout for the wealthy (an up-and-coming Aspen, perhaps?), so don’t let the cowboy image fool ya. The nice thing about Tahoe (which someone else suggested) is the proximity to San…[Read more]

  • Boulder is great, but you would be too far from good splitting terrain and deep snow in my opinion. I can’t say enough about that city, although it certainly has its haters (full disclaimer, I went to college there).

    What about Jackson, Wyoming? Small town that (believe it or not) you can live in rather cheaply and the terrain is sick and super…[Read more]

  • RockyMtnHigh replied to the topic Karakoram? in the forum Bindings 10 years, 2 months ago

    That just begs the question, could the brothers come up with a plate for hardbooters? Something super lightweight & compatible with the ride mode interface for that active clamping on the down and then just run directly mounted Dynafit toe pieces on the uptrack?

    This would be sick, and I think the market is larger than you think (and growing)…

  • Whacking the shit out of the cornice for five minutes with your ski poles before publicly announcing that everyone watch while you rip the shit out of it is f’ing hilarious!

    I’m not going to lie, I ordered squallywood as soon as the film ended.

  • Count me and at least two of my split partners (who aren’t on splitboard.com) in! We would drive out from Denver.

    As an aside, for the last 10 years a group of us has been going on an ice climbing trip to Ouray, but for the last 3 years it has really become more of a backcountry ski trip with Ouray as basecamp. The lodging situation (AlpenGlow),…[Read more]