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    getting late season here in switzerland, but the slushies are workin’ at belalp.

    looks kind of like cali powder 😉

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    cali rules – no reason to go anywhere else.

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    that must be the late geneva basin ski area in the background in the second picture. it’s a great place to do laps when the snow is right – but it ain’t no 14’er.

    i’ve always hoped georgetown would put a tram up to the top of the pass and reopen the resort, would be good for them and us.

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    i recommend a video camera for videos, not a digital photo camera. watching 640×480 video on anything but the camera itself is pretty disappointing.

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    i looked at the setup and see that it is really a weak point of the binding design. putting all the force on the bent aluminum at that point will lead to failure with repeated impacts – i’d even be so bold to call it a defect.

    like dave said, you could get somone to mount the heel risers a bit forward, and then even without a shim the elevated…[Read more]

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    Waterproof (more sweatproof) seems like a good requirement. Zip-lock is my friend here.

    The Powershot SD400/500 is the SecureDigital card camera – these are both available in Compact Flash format (S410, S500), which is cheaper and higher capacity – especially if you’re taking movies memory size is important.

  • psychomac replied to the topic Camra what should I get in the forum The Gear Room 16 years ago

    i use a canon powershot s410 – about the size of a bar of soap. you should buy this at an overpriced small boutique and preserve America 😉

    i’m a computer weenie and use this because it’s a compact-flash based (not SD or MemoryStick). CompactFlash has much higher capacity and is much cheaper than any other format (you can get a 512MB for…[Read more]

  • Living in a mountain town is the best option if you can afford the loss of brain cells.

    Living in Switzerland ain’t so bad either – trains and busses go everywhere, and there’s loads of hydro-electric powered lifts to increase downhill vertical.

  • Carl is the greenskeeper in Caddyshack, young’ns.

    you are all right – splitboarding is a gift from god and it rules over everything else 😉 i bow down in reverence to all the backcountry legends who tell me differently.

    next thing i expect to hear is how you can go downhill in split mode as fast as a skier and with (almost) as much control…[Read more]

  • @mtnrider wrote:

    He’s talking about being a goon and snowshoeing in the skin track… 🙄

    That must be USA – the skiers in Europe (there’s loads of them), generally are really friendly to snowshoers as it really doesn’t do any damage to the track it looks less pretty but what’s the real damage?

    Tolerance can be learned 💡

  • @bcd wrote:

    Once you get good at it, the difference between being on a splitboard vs. skis is insignificant.

    Quoting Carl – “I have to laugh.” I know this is a splitboard forum, but let’s be realistic – skiis are narrower and thus more of the downward force is realized on the edge than a wider board (I got an A in physics, rarely get to us it…[Read more]

  • bcd wrote:
    You’re going to catch a lot of shit for that comment. Willingly disrespecting others in the backcountry will get you dirty looks, nasty comments, wise-ass “adviceâ€Â
  • i use soft boots, because i believe hard boots on a snowboard are inappropriate – too little side flex. crampons are out, since they don’t fit wide boots.

    with snowshoes (msrs), you go up steep icy slopes – traversing is not necessary. with any combination of gear, traversing icy slopes is scary, and when doing so on snowshoes i tend to point…[Read more]

  • To answer your question – I’m not sure of the advantages. Having done ski touring, snowshoeing with board on back, and splitboarding, I can say that ski touring is by far the easiest going up in all conditions, with snowshoes and splitboarding about equal in powder. On icy stuff, snowshoues and skis blow a splitboard away.

    I just got smoked by…[Read more]

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    sorry, some skier tracks on the right, but all board down the middle 🙂

    glattigrad, nidwalden, switzerland last friday 🙂

  • i’m 6’2″ 190 and at resorts ride a wide 159 (Never Summer Legacy), and thus get the float of a longer board and the turning of a shorter board.

    i got the 163 Never Summer Legacy Split from the Blaho Brothers, and find that it is more difficult to make tight turns (going down a single-track), being used to a shorter, more maneuverable board.

    1 cm…[Read more]

  • I ordered the same board I ride at the resort (Legacy 163) for my split so I don’t have to worry about this sort of problem.

    I’m sure the Voile rides great in the virgin white and light powder of Utah, but in Colorado you need a man’s board!

    You can get any Never Summer board made into a split, Bently tells me.

    You’ve only got yourself to…[Read more]