• Scarpa just fits me better. i bought the dynafits last season, due to the fact scarpa wasnt making any 32 mondo boots with dynafit toes. the fit just has never been right. i have 2 scarpas and the fit is right on. im hoping that it will be a good soulution.still trying to dial in the stance. carving vs. surf. stuff. im finally giving in and…[Read more]

  • thanks! i thought the wires were longer as well.

    having fit problems with the TLT 4 s that i have. just not wide enough. im looking for solutions. thinking that Scarpas new Laser will be the solution, for my dynafit board . otherwise looking to try using my t4s while i wait.

  • Ahh CALARTS and Valencia. I used to live up in Val Verde.

    I miss Mt. Pinos and the back side there. Baldy and Mammoth was good stuff too, especially if you could time the storms right.

    Im living in the hills here. From fjord to mountaintop its 1000-1200m and its plenty for me.Its not the high elevation stuff of the sierras and Rocky’s, but I…[Read more]

  • Tex
    i cant speak for Alaska, being north of Bergen,Norway we are further north here than Anchorage.

    Winter isnt pitch black here but its not a sunglasses environment. Late December brings sunrise around 9:30 and set around 3:30. The digger is that the sun never gets to a high noon setting. It sort of just skims the horizon. In other words its not…[Read more]

  • underwear weighs.

    not to seem gross, but if im wearing thermal long under wear, why do you need skivees?

    unless its a couple week tour…

  • Really nice work!
    like the clean look. very mac.
    white BG is clean and fitting.
    Good to get the bc.com ad on.
    maybe steepanddeep.com too.

    i have to say that the grouping of genres, skinning, mt life, transtition, is really nice, glad you got some new pics up.

    as much as i like the front page the only drawback is that i will rarely see it. forum…[Read more]

  • hey JC
    being a Dad puts your head in another spot.
    I think the biggest panic for myself after I first got kids was that feeling I now have responsibility for someone else. Scare factor, was really on high until I got on the snow. Once on the snow i focused on the job at hand. For me i think its important to have alot of things in place before I…[Read more]

  • the rei pulks are fine for smaller tours. i have seen them and worked with them, but imo the sleds cannot take being beaten when you are on a real trip. if i was on anything shorter than a week i would use a big pack , not a sled. the sled is for hauling, and i mean hauling big and heavy gear for a variety of purposes, approach to big wall then…[Read more]

  • ive never seen anyone use a kite snowboard sled combo. ive seen the ski thing and it works damn well. the ticker is that the kite shouldnt weigh too much due to the fact when the wind dont blow you are hauling the sucker. they make a super light weight kite that doesnt have the same trapeze rigging of a kitesurfer, and still gets the job done. you…[Read more]

  • the rigidness of the toe ropes is so that the sled doesnt ride up and smack you in the ass or drag you down the hill. by having a rigid tow system the sled stays put behind you and you still can make turns. by x-ing the poles from behind, the turns become more fluid as the sled is pushed into the turn so that your hips arent turned out of line. on…[Read more]

  • i think backpacks like BC says are for 90 % of most trips the way to go too.

    sometimes its easier draggin the sucker, it depends on the location and whats in the haul. backpacks are not feasible for certain trips unless you are depotin stashes ahead of time. for most anything up to a week backpacks are just easier. distance and big gear, are…[Read more]

  • gotta have a rigid tow, otherwise its hopeless.

    here is a link to the Teletips version of free plans for a sled building.
    good luck

  • ive done alot of touring with pulks and the ride isnt that hard. uphill is no big deal. you feel it at the switchback so you need to counter that into you trail choices early on. The biggest thing about the pulk is making sure to get stiff tie rods from your hips to the sled. I tried initially when i was bring my son into the hills to make an…[Read more]

  • love the heel locker concept! if anything maybe you can produce them as an upgrade to the voile heel lifters and utilise the same drill holes…
    cant wait…

  • i always viewed the avalung as yet another heavy thing that i would have to drag up the hills.
    When i finally got kids the concept of surviving, if i wasnt broken in two, for 30min as opposed to 3min made up my mind. BC insurance policy.

    I bought the sling last year and it dont bother me none.
    It does get awkward with so much junk on the front of…[Read more]

  • i bought a altitech summit watch around xmas of last year.
    it nearly disintegrated by the end of this last season.
    i got really tired of calibrating the watch on a regular basis, everytime i wanted to use the watch for anything.

    i was really near to buying a polar pulse watch, but realised that i like to go hard to have fun not to go hard to…[Read more]

  • i received a 171 Mojo in March, after a major delam at the start of the last season. the board is kinda cool sporting a mtn gun topsheet on a Mojo board, made until they produced topsheets for the mojo. So glad that they went with the white color for the final run instead of the harsh yellow initially. Voile sported me a brand new board with no…[Read more]

  • jon ,
    saw your input on the exoticboards forum. are you happy with the 192 rad air or if you could do it again would you get the 200? been thinking about getting the the 200 for in/out bounds. ive seen the 192 is a narrow board but the online price is awesome. i have a real big foot, but am not bothered by that because of the high angles I ride.


  • go Will, go!

  • hey damian,
    used to be standard to have the holes in the tips and i am suprised to not hear more people talk about have tip holes. used to remember the first pair of tua and bd skis i saw back in the day and wondered where the tip dampener had gone cause there was a hole.

    here is a good link to the tech.

    when i…[Read more]

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