• Hey! It wasn’t personal! just the faxs! Plus I never got photographed in them 😀 😀

    And yes, my Burton SI’s still suck on a splt too!

  • Did you have a K2 Gyrator too (in the picture)? 😀 That was the biggest piece of crab board out there at the time. My girl friend at the time had one. Everyone thought that becuase it was by K2, it’d be worthy. At least it was a colorful as the boots. BTW – my Koflaches are a dull red 😥

  • Dido what Mtwriter said. I have a pair and used them once with the split. didn’t like them.

    I bought them back in the late ’80’s and thought they were the bomb compared to equipment of that time. Great for hiking. But because they do not ride up high on your leg, they don’t give a lot of support when carving, especially on hard pack.

  • Just me,

    A good part of it is the board. I posted a review last year of my trip with a friend to Tucks with a Prior Split and Voile Split (I now own one of each) with identical bindings and stance. It was one of the best powder days in the bowl ever for me. And oth rode great. But on the way down to the parking lot, the trail was far less…[Read more]