• Anyone know what the deal is with the traction camber? Photo makes it look regular camber. Has the milligram always had this? Guessing floor isn’t too affected?

  • Alonzo you’re an animal! Thanks for experimenting! While your upper cuff mod is a bit out of my league I’m definitely interested in the lower stuff. Couple questions, when moving the cable anchor did you just put it in a spot where it had similar tension? You did not adjust the length, correct? I see you left some hardware in the old place for the…[Read more]

  • I find it hard to believe there’s more of a market for this than a hybrid splitboard boot. Am I wrong? Is euroland that weird?

  • So word is that phantom is working on a custom lever to dial in preferred forward lean lock. I asked about availability but he’ll be out of town till Christmas so who knows.

  • tyrudder started the topic Wide splits in the forum Splitboards 5 years, 1 month ago

    He everyone, I know the forum doesn’t get much action in the summer but it’s my favorite time to buy so I’m looking. Here’s my criteria:
    wide: I have 11.5 and really don’t want to worry about booting out ever. Thinking at least 26.5.
    Camber: camber underfoot is the only style I’ll ride. Early rise in at least the nose would be nice, not really…[Read more]

  • Anyone have thoughts on the ultra toe straps? Looks interesting but scared of a less than tight fit.

  • Any beta on this would be much appreciated! Would love to get there next week possibly, Monday I’m busy unfortunately.

  • im 6’2 and have the 68 panormama. like everyone said depends what you ride but ive ridden it in everything and have no regrets about size, i normally ride 157-162 in resort boards and havent noticed much in terms of agility of the board. also my buddy whos 5’7 rides a 165 split and has no complaints either.

  • i have a bd venom axe. its a hybrid so you can use it in walking stick mode which i do 95% of the time even in steep couloirs. its also slghtly curved so you can use it overhand when necessary. for normal glacier travel you want it hanging straight down close to the ground however if you are using it in steeps in cane mode you can go quite a bit…[Read more]

  • i have a marmot 5 degree, not sure of the model but its down and two shades of orange. its my first winter bag but ive used it a few times down to 10f or maybe a bit lower and ive been sweating every time. i do sleep hot though. it packs as small as id expect and doesnt seem that heavy but i dont count weight. im 6’2 and got the long to have room…[Read more]

  • glad to see im not alone on this. usually i do get the advancing wedge spoken about and it is very minor, however on some longer tours (where i need the skins to perform at their best) i have had snow creep in on both sides, nose and tail. with that said, when still attached i dont even really notice it as far as traction goes. im more concerned…[Read more]

  • There’s definitely some skiing going on but only short distances, didn’t know that would help cause this but it makes sense. I was already thinking of trimming my skins a bit more just to help with laying them down straight every time so ill see if that works. Most of the time the buildup is minimal and completely manageable, maybe I’m just…[Read more]