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  • nickf replied to the topic Batura 2.0 in the forum Boots 10 years ago

    i own a pair of batura 1.5’s and can say, knowing that the build is not significantly different, you do not want to ride in them. just not enough ankle support. stick with the spantiks…. i have however been messing around with adding just the upper cuff of a snowboard boot over the top of it and it seems like it would work but is heavy and…[Read more]

  • i think some of you get it, but some of you obviously dont. The idea IS to eliminate strap bindings. The pictures of the K2 clickers reveal alot about what i’m thinking. Just substitute a hard boot for the lower portion with dynafit toe pieces and a toe below (like on scarpa f1s and f3s) and were there! CB has a great idea about locking lateral…[Read more]

  • nickf replied to the topic Deeluxe XV discount $300 in the forum Boots 10 years, 1 month ago

    this is a mistake. they retail for $400

  • bcd,
    you know how mojo’s have camber? this board was so stiff that when she stood on one ski, she was not heavy enough to flex the camber out of it, the board would not sit flat. this gave her skins almost no snow contact and made her slide backwards constantly. and no i didn’t give her shit about it because i felt the flex on it and realized the…[Read more]

  • i’ve come close to dialing in my new hard boot set up which combines the best of both worlds the toe below of tele boots and the compatibility of at boots.
    i use scarpa f3’s modified so there is only the ankle latch and the power strap left. i also cut away some plastic on the inside of the cuff. these mods make it so they are torsionally soft…[Read more]

  • i agree. the voile plates are terrible. For bigger mountaineering lines i ride a hard boot/ dynafit/ voile plate binding set up. i love the up, and have dialed in the boots so the down is actually real nice too. the binding is the one set back to the system.
    I’m scared for my life because of the tabs, i check them constantly… when i’m riding…[Read more]

  • nickf replied to the topic Nuptse Sizing? in the forum Boots 13 years ago

    i recently took a look at these in the shop… dont hink i would personally go for em. the heel is sets your foot about 1.25 inches off the sole of the boot. i wouldnt want to be that far off my board. this also makes it a bit deceiving as to how high the cuff is…. there doesn’t seem to be as much support as you’d expect

  • nickf replied to the topic Market reasearch survey in the forum Bindings 13 years ago

    i want a hard boot and plate binding system. the plate bindings should not be an inch thick(voile) but instead put the bails directly on the plate and widen the plate to create better board feel and torsional stiffness. The boot should be a hybrid: think low-profile sole, hard boot with a snowboard cuff. ideally rides like a snowboard boot but…[Read more]

  • the f3’s tour amazing if you put the dynafit toe pice on your board but they suck for steep climbing. both attributes are due to the toe bellows. the dynafit zzero 3 are a touch lighter and because they dont have the bellows i find them a bit better than the f3 for mountaineering. steep couliours and iceclimbing would suck in the f3’s