• I have to echo what was stated previously, single boots and soft boot bindings are a very poor combination riding. The trangos and nepals will not fit well in any binding, their volume is far to low and the sole is much to narrow compared to a snowboard boot. You would have a TON of side to side rotation. I have not looked at a batura, but I…[Read more]

  • NickDrake replied to the topic 2 way radios in the forum The Gear Room 7 years, 8 months ago

    I’ve been very satisfied with Midland gxt1000vp4, they have GMRS bands which have a much longer range. Technically you are supposed to have an FCC license to use a GMRS radio, but I’ve never met anyone who bothered. I’ve found their range and battery life to be superior to Motorola models that I used in the past.

    Under absolutely ideal…[Read more]

  • Peacefrog has solid advice. I did an ultra-ski bum special with AH in Haines in 2012. Going solo and trying to get in with groups was stressful, sometimes you fit in with a group of rippers, other times the only group with an opening that works for weight just isn’t on the same level. I rode two weeks, the recovery days were nice.
    If you are…[Read more]

  • @Draizuh wrote:

    I hope they are better than the Spark XV bro cause i went for “cheaper” and i ended up getting shoddy product
    I would hope the lacing is better on the independent because its laces…

    I ordered a pair of 14 XVs on a great close out special. Tried them on, seemed to fit well 😆 and then that stupid quick lace adjuster broke…[Read more]

  • I have used a BD twilight bivy, it’s only around 11 ounces and amazingly compact, but breathability leaves something to be desired. I’ll be trying a beta-light floorless this winter, with two partners it cuts down on weight. Unless I was going somewhere terribly exposed for a long time period (AK glacier camping) I don’t think you’ll ever see me…[Read more]

  • As was said before, get food in Juneau first, go to Costco and stock up because everything is already expensive in AK and terribly so in Haines (beer, buy beer). If you’re hanging around 33 mile beer is like gold. I do highly recommend doing at least a few heli served laps with Alaska Heli Skiing, you’re really selling yourself short if you…[Read more]

  • I fail to see the need for edges. I have hundreds of days on a few DIY boards that I have abused (touring right through alder, volcanic rocks, leave it on for creek crossing, etc.) and not seen any problems with durability. I do not need edges for touring, keep your board flat to the hill with the skins engaged. If it’s so icy that stops…[Read more]

  • @96avs01 wrote:

    Which rated bag to purchase can strongly depend on the manufacturer. Especially Western Mountaineering and Feathered Friends bags.

    Agree 100%, I find the ratings from FF and WM to be conservative while many of the “name brands” are terribly overly optimistic. There is a big difference between “well you won’t die at 0 degrees”…[Read more]

  • @MountainDog wrote:

    I used CAMP XLC 490 aluminum crampons on my sz10 Malamutes. They worked well for a light weight setup.

    Save a pound! :thumpsup:
    If you can fit an aluminum camp crampon and don’t will remove them for extended rock sections then do it. I don’t know why on earth you would want to go “mixed trekking” anyway :scratch:

    I also…[Read more]

  • The chimera website isn’t working for me, do you know if they are they selling the dum dum normally yet or is it still in beta? I’m interested in the longer sidecut radius for steeps also. I don’t normally get after 45 plus when it’s firm, but after my stupidity Sunday maybe I should start since I seem to have forgotten how to manage slough :nononno:

  • The only problem with the cube was the adjustment is quite “coarse”. I’d take course over fiddling around with my adjusters in 40mph winds with spindrift blinding me though…..

  • Not that I’m advocating running out and spending more money, but for others reading this thread who are worried about crampons the tesla system doesn’t have these issues. Since the tesla runs the climbing wire in the baseplate of the binding they push down on the back of the crampons when flipped up and keep the teeth fully engaged once pressed…[Read more]

  • The north cascades are a special place.

    There is a stream under this, tame stuff:

    Only fell in the creek ONCE during the making of this bridge:

    Ok now we’re talking, this is some whackin!

    Ok now this is just stupid, look for the red ski tips

    stoudema I prefer to use the term “veggie belay” 🙂

  • My friends used the twin sister on Shasta this weekend and were pretty happy, but did have the noise in the wind. I opted to try out the BD twilight bivy that I bought to bring for “emergency” use after getting stuck waiting for guided clients on DC route at 3am for over an hour trying to do rainier in a push, god damn it was cold.

    I dug a 3-4…[Read more]

  • I have not tried the gore active shell products, but was always far from happy with the pro-shell for breathability.

    I have been extremely happy with Helly Hansens “hellytech professional” membranes. I have used the odin mountain and guiding light shells extensively. Snowmobile access from a low elevation where we start in full on rain with…[Read more]

  • @powderjunkie wrote:

    any more first hand reviews of climbing skins direct?

    I like the price and if they are similar to voile/bd, then I may have to order a pair.

    I used them for 2 years. Tip clip loop could have been a tad taller, making it easier to get over the clips on the end of the board. Having the loops set at angle to the skin did make…[Read more]

  • I had sparks back when it was all bent metal hardware, but a one piece aluminum baseplate (forget the name). I then had the Blaze with LT pins for 2 years.

    I have around 15 days on the magnettos now. So far I’m MUCH happier with them compared to the traditional pin design. High points:

    Lining them up for touring is incredibly easy, they just…[Read more]

  • Yeah this little guy is really easy if you go straight for it. I don’t know anybody that would have energy after CJ!

    Digging the winter pics, how far up the road were you able to park?

  • Gorm what year Malamutes did you have? I’ve had a pair that were either 09 or 10 (can’t remember now) and the laces wouldn’t stay in on the tongue very well at all. This year I bought a set of the 13s and they re-designed the lace hold and I’ve found it to be incredibly secure. The locking for the liner is also improved.

    I have a very narrow…[Read more]

  • To continue the thread resurrection, I picked up an 06 arctic cat m7 a few years back and turned into a sledneck. The plan was to get it for access to board only, but the better I get at riding it the more fun I have.

    Tips on keeping it maintained, clutches are key. Clean them well and often, you’ll extend their life and keep things performing…[Read more]

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