• Hi,

    The tip clip (whale shape) at the nose of my board doesn’t seem to line up anymore, its like the board isn’t fitting together as tight as it used to. I don’t think I am doing anything differently and the rest of the board seems to line up, any suggestions or ideas what the cause could be?



  • Hey! Any suggestions as far as where to start for women’s backcountry boots? I know K2 an Thirtytwo make great gear but they don’t have much for narrower feet and I’m finding the mens boots quite wide. Cheers!

  • Thanks, I am thinking a Prior Khyber 156 or Jones Solution 156-158. Because I am newer I was thinking shorter end of things for the maneuverability and weight for going up. Would a Prior Khyber be too much for coastal snow?

  • That was super helpful thank you. I was thinking a 158 mens board would be ideal. I was told to go a little on the shorter side for control (rather than ride a 160).

  • Hi.

    I am wondering about split board sizing. I am 5’11 weigh approx. 150 lb. I have been told that the woman’s specific boards are preferable however it seems that popular brands (Jones etc.) only make a board up to 156…. I don’t really want to be sinking too much and think that a 156 board is too short… am I wrong?

    Honestly any insight…[Read more]