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    Depends your purpose. Dedicated resort bomber? Feel good all day board?

    SO owns a 164 @190lbs, did ride it at very high speeds and carved deep trenches, it did well also in off piste pow. But after one season on it, he got an other – more aggressive – board for these purposes, since he felt that it is good, but not great. However, for the…[Read more]

  • Wear my PIEPS with the harness, beneath the sternum squeezed between hip- and chestbelt of backpack. It’s bit uncomfortable to bow down and strap in, but wile hiking or riding I’m unaware of it.
    I dont mind the comfort, but problem with that spot is more, that I’d like to have my mobile somewhere accessible but the only 30cm away zone is in the…[Read more]

  • Thanks again!
    Well, now I know why rather pack dental floss and superglue instead of a big buky roll of duct tape… faced some pretty unnerving packing space limitations with the new Mammut PAS (22l, but feels smaller :oops:). Almost full with a flece, thermos, skins and crampons. Left out the spare mitts n goggles, reduced emergency kit to a…[Read more]

  • Dental floss… there’s a stoty behind that?

    @b_ret wrote:

    dont forget your favorite playmobil character

    That’s a Canuck rite? Uhm… I’ll check what I can pilfer from my godson 😆

    Backpack is filling up… Thanks to all. Highly appreciated!

    Different question. Our so far used Arcteryx and Deuter backpacks had integrate back protectors.…[Read more]

  • @EngineNr9 wrote:

    Good thing that there is still Andermatt :thumpsup: Not quite as much snow but still pretty decent compared to the sorry white patches in other areas. And you dont need to go through the Gotthard…unless you miss the exit…but who would do that…

    This very moment I was trying to figure out if I’ll book Andermatt or Arflina for…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the tips! Will look for nuts/bolts. Check. Had to look up zit tie 🙂 oh yes, at home, together with duct tape, they’re my fix all items of choice, but didn’t think of using them for emergency fixing in bc. They’ll go to the list as well.

    Yes, multitool is standard companion, forgot to mention; also cellphone.BTW, was told that the…[Read more]

  • @ieism wrote:

    Yeah, but dude.. It’s a two hour drive for you. I have to drive 11 hours to get some snow so don’t complain. For me this is the best season yet.

    Most of your drive goes over flat straight German highways without speed limit :D.
    2hrs? As the bird flies, maybe. Don’t own a heli thus at least 4hrs to only reach Domodossola, waiting…[Read more]

  • topsy-turvy world… Over here – northern Alps – it’s famished. We just get warm wind comming from the south 🙁

  • Think for now I’ll get the PAS and see what happens; if it actually gets uncomfortable after several hours, and if they come with a more slender straps version or if other brands will have similar airbags the next seasons. I’ll be in the US in spring and will keep an eye on the other brands being mentioned. Thanks.

  • Thanks! Been to around 10 shops and only seen Mammut, ABS or Ortovox (I’m from Switzerland). Set my mind on Mammut since they use air instead of CO2, which is not allowed in planes (as far as I understood the terms n conditions of British Airways).