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    I recommend scraping the larger areas off with a flat scraper and then use some citrus base cleaner and a buffing pad. It will trash the buffing pad, so use one that has little life left. I did that to a burton board with older burton skins and it worked pretty nice. After the base cleaner it then prompted me to rewax the board.

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    fuji finepix z1. Only negatives are that it requires a tray to sit in and download photos and charge the battery and that is uses a proprietary battery not able to replace them on the fly. If you have it charged and keep it warm it works great in the bc. Probably not as good an option as some of the others. Very compact and easy to use though.

  • Another super trip report. 7400 of vert at this time of the year is unbelievable! Well done.

  • Snoslut, sweet TR and great pics. I’m betting you arrived late to the airport too…

    I just met some skiers from BigSky MT this weekend and they are still enjoying similar late snowfall like the elevation in WA/OR. Summer is over rated.

  • Sweet as always! Did you happen upon any of them there donkeys or dingleberries?

  • Wicked sweetness, and it is only June…who says fresh snow through July? I’ve got to finish fixing my fishing boat and give up a fly fishing weekend to get back on the board. I’m envious of all the recent cool WA trip reports.

  • I prefer the boxer briefs. Enough support for me to keep my uglies snugglie but not too restrictive and no boxer bunching. I hate it when I get my underpants in a wad.

  • jimw, you gotta market your Shat Short ™ to fly fishermen worldwide, hell any fishermen who stand for countless hours in rain, snow, sleet, baking sunlight or somewhere in between refusing to leave a spot until they piss or shit themselves loading their waders with warm and/or gooey nastiness from their stubborness. I wonder what it is like…[Read more]

  • ARE YOU SERIOUS? Actually I have had a pair of each. No jokes. Both were ridiculously comfortable and lasted a pretty good time. I think I liked the material of the ExOfficios a bit better, not really sure why but the inside felt a bit more plush. I have not ridden in them but I hiked in them extensively and really liked how the held up,…[Read more]

  • Freaking sweet TR, I can deal with the large pictures…my monitor can handle them! Looks like another stellar trip for you guys. Is there anything you guys have not ridden yet?

  • F2Oh, BG and dm, great TR. That area looks amazing be it wildlife, splitboarding or hiking. Thanks for sharing. I did not notice any shots in darkness though, a staple of both Fullers2Oh and BGnight. Is the sun rising too early and staying up too late?

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    It has been cool with lots of rain. Anyone got any intel reports on how the snow is faring and at what elevation you have to go to find some that is stable? Not having done a spring on a split before I’m eager to get out there but not so eager to be kicking off the next wet slab down to the ground with me inside doing the tumbling. Thanks for your time.

  • bigdood, if by the tele binding thing you mean the voile slider tracks I have two sets and now with the arrival of my sparks igntion ii’s I would part with one set for a fair price. Do you need the pucks too? If so we can consider a puck, slider track, binding mounting hardware and pins deal. If you can’t connect with pj on skins, i hvae an…[Read more]

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    jbaysurfer, thanks for the input. I have now ridden my dual boas on several of my last trips and I’m pleased with them. I do carry the replacement crap in my gear just in case. I’ve even acually replaced the boa laces to make sure I knew what the hell I was doing. I also carry a few straps that I’ll use in a fast fix pinch that can secure the…[Read more]

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    I hate where my mind initially went when I read your post and the cross post that you linked. I’m hoping there is not someone buried or fallen in somewhere. Maybe they are just not as good of a pack packer like OCD and they just went off without half of their splitboard. I’ll try to be an optomist and hope that is it.

  • Thanks bcrider, my heather grey splitboard.com T just arrived. It is one super supple soft shirt. My wife says I’m officially a dork (like that was new news or that any t shirt changed that status) but then she touched it and asked if she could wear it. HELL NO, this one is mine. Thanks.

  • Hell, I’m FAT, if I’m concerned about the extra few pounds a split may add if it is on my back I better stop hitting the buffet lines and should get used to a beer not being in my hand. Having recently converted to splitting, I see the versatility over a solid board in all situations except a routine resort assault with family or friends. Having…[Read more]

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    Sweetness, that is two nice TR’s back to back…with the bike on the back rack.

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    First, I’m glad I have a large monitor on my laptop!
    Second, I think I counted SEVEN trekkers going up in a line in one of the photos which suggests either a positioned fixed camera or EIGHTH person. That qualifies as Gang Related Activities of the most wholesome variety. I only wish the kids in school struggling to find a group to relate to…[Read more]

  • Holy cow, check those conditions on Memorial Day weekend. Fantastic! Great pics Fullers2Oh and great riding mtnrider (was mtnrider jibbing every tree in the forest?). Looks like Memorial Day weekend made for some great TR’s from the sb.com peeps.

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