• Thanks for the heads up! WB is a mandatory stop everytime I roll through Bozeman. Good dudes in there for sure! Just need to figure out how to get a tour of Sparks facility now..

  • Does anyone have any comparison on the sizing of these or the Spark TF boots compared to say a Burton Ion or Nike Lunarendors… would like to get some boots specifically for splitting so I don’t destroy my regular in-bounds boots that much quicker… Unfortunately noone around me carries these that I’ve found.


  • The GOAT is finally finished and ready to rip. I was checking missoulaavalanche.org and saw they had a few level 1 options, one this weekend which was full and another for the first weekend in March so I signed up for that one ($190). Friday evening 4 hr class down in Hamilton followed by 2 field days up off of Lost Trail.

    Another buddy of mine…[Read more]

  • Spark Burners, LT pin upgrade, voile interface, & skins en route! Bout time to get out and earn those turns on the GOAT. Can’t wait to provide my thoughts on it!

  • MT replied to the topic What pack do you use? in the forum The Gear Room 8 years, 5 months ago

    Tried out my Black Diamond Outlaw Avalung for the first time this weekend. I’m no seasoned vet but it worked perfectly for what I needed… Project Split isn’t complete yet so I was stuck with the slo-shoe and board hauling route. Vertical hold for the board was nice… cooled my fat ass off a few times with a dump of snow down the neck from…[Read more]

  • So this isn’t about the Bozone area but still…. went up to Lolo on Saturday with my cousin and did a quick trip through the Crystal Amphitheater area…. filling in nicely and the snowpack was great. Plenty of light and fluffy all over the place. I am still trying to scrape together the $700 to finish my split setup so I was on the ol trusty…[Read more]

  • @workman wrote:

    Just got out on day three with this board, teton pass WY. I purchased the 162, I am 5’9, 160lbs with size 10 driver X boots. Bindings are Spark Fuses with the LT pin system and voile dual climbing bars. THIS BOARD IS THE SHITTTT!!! ….
    Hope this helps someone who has some hard earned cash saved and wants a kick ass, feels just…

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  • I think you’ll be fine centered up considering that the freebird has the S-rocker profile paired with a bit of taper. With that combo you shouldn’t have issues with float. My buddy is a B rep and he was on the spliff last year and loves it. He’s a smaller guy but from what he says and the people he’s seen on it… it works great for normal…[Read more]

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    @B-P wrote:

    Couldn’t release anything because we didn’t know it yet haha, we will have a few pairs coming in, looking forward to seeing how they work compared to my climbing skins direct ones. I’m debating a set of sparks or Voile skins for this season and my new split.

    Does anyone that’s used G3 skins previously have an opinion on the Voile…[Read more]

  • @Matt a.d. wrote:

    It sounds like it might be a decent board for couloirs or buttering around in flat gay pow, but there’s no way I’d make it my main board.

    quiver stick for sure… still super fun though

  • @philip.ak wrote:

    @MT wrote:

    6 ft and 220 lbs on a 150 was mind-bottling to me.

    What size feet, and what’s your stance? I’m trying to imagine getting my boots not to hang a mile off the edges.

    Size 11 Big B boots with their shrinktech..still ride Large bindings though.. stance width of 23-24″ and 15/-15 on angles. Had no issues with…[Read more]

  • @samh wrote:

    Get a set of Sparks on there and you’re good to go!

    That’s what my plan was.. need to get down and see my boys at Edge of the World here in town. Would love to check out Spark’s operation at some point, are they open to visitors? I’ll provide the beers! :guinness:

    As far as the Edison interface goes, from what I see we won’t be…[Read more]

  • I was super skeptical of the nug when I first saw it, then our B rep brought a demo up to our hill… Rode it in 4-6 inches of fresh… Got off the lift and immediately bailed into the trees..tentatively at first bc I was expecting to cartwheel instantly but after a few turns I was charging as hard as I could. 6 ft and 220 lbs on a 150 was…[Read more]

  • My first split just arrived earlier this week.. Once the snow starts to fly I’ll provide you with a review… Can’t wait to get out!

  • What’s goin on fellas? New to the forum and to the splitboard realm. Live in Missoula but it seems like this was the most active “Montana” thread I could find. Anyway, picked up this guy earlier this week and can’t wait to complete the setup and get out in the BC without a sled. Now just have to make some decisions on a binding setup. I spend…[Read more]